Friday, December 3, 2010

A Beautiful Winter Day

Today is a beautiful, snowy and wintry day.  I love days like this when I can be inside where it's warm and comfy and look out the window at the snow coming down.
I do not like to drive in this weather, so I don't if I don't have to. 

Here's another tree I put up on my front stoop.
I decorate it with a grape and wine theme.  My house has a European/Tuscan/grape/wine decor so I like to continue the decor out to the front porch.  I put the tree outside in the Fall, but now just added the bow and some more Christmasy decorations.

I just finished and listed this little mini quilt for sale on my Etsy shop.

It's hand appliqued and hand quilted and then framed in a 5x7 table top frame.  It looks good sitting on a table, like I've done with my entrance table.

Speaking of Etsy - I made another sale yesterday.  I get so excited when an e-mail comes through that says "Congratulations, you've made an Etsy sale". It's not about the little bit of money, but more about the thrill that someone found my site and liked something I made.  My cute little Geisha pincushion sold.
This is re-purposed from an antique Japanese vase.

Right now I'm working on knitting and sewing some Christmas presents.  I'll show pictures after Christmas so I don't give anything away.

Well, back to my Elf Workshop.  Since Hubby is out of the office for the day, I have a nice and peaceful day home alone.  It's a good winter day!


DJan said...

Well, I can certainly see why that pincushion sold. It's really clever and cute! Pretty, too.

Theresa said...

What a sweet picture of the snow! It makes me want to build a fire and curl up with a good book! Love you tree on your stoop and your creations! You have many talents! Have a restful evening! HUGS!

Denise said...

Glad you had a productive day, hope you have a wonderful weekend. I think we are getting some of the same weather you have been getting, the whole weekend and Monday are expected to be messy.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

We've been getting snow all afternoon and evening, and traffic is a mess. I know what you mean about not driving if you don't have to. Great designs! You are clearly in the Christmas spirit.

Valerie said...

You have such good taste ... the Christmas decorations are a credit to you. Congratulations on the sale, I can imagine how you feel when that email arrives. There's so much I could buy if I lived nearer.

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

You Christmas tree is beautiful!

♥ the MRS.

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