Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy 73rd Birthday, Dad.  It was a low-key birthday for my dad this year.  We'll save the big celebration for two more years.  Mom, Dad, Bob and I went to dinner last night at Luigi's, one of our nicest Italian restaurants in our little town.  It was also Prom night so it was very crowded.  But we really didn't mind.  Watching all those kids in ill fitted tuxes and dresses that are too long and tight was a fun show.  I suppose I looked that goofy when I was going to my Senior Prom 34 years ago!

Here's my dad and his baby girl (me).  Color coordinated even.

I wrote about my dad's 72nd birthday last year, so I thought I would just re-post as it all still holds true.  I should point out a couple of changes since last year.  My grandchildren have lost a great grandparent (Bob's mother Millie) and a great-great grandparent (My Grandma).  And now my Dad, Big G.G. has a blog of his own:  Go take a look.  It's very political, opinionated, and conservative.  But regardless of your political leanings, it's very well written.  I'm always proud of you, Dad.

Originally written 5/17/09
Yesterday was my Dad's 72nd birthday. He's affectionately know as Big G.G. This nickname came about after my grandson's came into this world. They are lucky little boys in that they have several older generations of relatives; 6 grandparents, 5 great grandparents, and 2 great-great grandparents. We had to come up with different "names" for all of us to differentiate. Since they couldn't say "Grandma and Grandpa" for a few years, my Bob and I are just lovingly called "Bob" and "Nina" by our grandsons. And ever since they heard Bob's mother call him "Bobby", that is the new name given to him by the grandsons. We think it's so cute. Well, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa was just too much of a mouthful for the little guys, so their names were shortened to "Little G.G" for my mother, Great Grandma, and "Big G.G." for my dad, Great Grandpa.

My dad is the perfect father and grandfather. He loves to be around all his kids. We are all so lucky to have such an active, healthy, young father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He's always supportive, even at times that his support is not deserved; we're always loved unconditionally by him, even at times that we may not be that lovable; and he's always forgiving, even when we probably shouldn't be forgiven. I know my grandparents and mother would agree that he's also a wonderful son and husband

Dad is very intelligent, extremely successful and accomplished, and admired for his community volunteer work. I'm sure the whole family, though, would agree that his OCD (obsessive/compulsive disorder) and his ADD (attention deficit disorder) keep him from perfection. But I must say that these two traits seem to run in the family and we all must embrace these traits and make them work. We can't help it.

Happy Birthday, Big G.G. and I hope you're around for a long time.  Long enough to become Big G.G.G.


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