Sunday, August 15, 2010

Elvis Was in the Building!

I'm sorry this isn't a better picture.  The lighting was terrible in our old lodge where Elvis was performing last night.  His name is Bill Barnhart.  He is an Elvis impersonator, of course, and he actually was pretty good. 
At the Lakeview Lodge, which is right across the little lake where we live, they had a dinner and a show with "Elvis" as the headliner.  What really made it fun was the audience.  We live in a very small community and so we knew just about everyone there.  The show started out a little slow, but after the crowd had a few drinks in them, especially the women, the audience participation and dancing was fun to watch on its own. We went with my parents and the majority of the people there were closer to my parents' age than my husband and mine, but those women, now in their 70's, got up there and danced like they were on American Bandstand.  Old Elvis just took them right back to their teen years.  It really was more fun than I was expecting.  I wish now I had my picture taken with Elvis.  Darn! too late.  Elvis has left the building!


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