Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Long Catch Up - Part 2

Continuing with my Facebook Catch Up:

Brandon is bringing Diana and Heath home any time now.Can't wait to hold him some more.For those not aware of the name origin-Diana's maiden name is Heath and her dad's and oldest brother's first name is David.I don't know how to put pictures onFB via my phone.If I figure out how, I will.Making a turkey dinner for Dee'...s homecoming per her request.BTW-Heath is built just like a wrestler! (Long line of wrestlers on both sides of the family)

September 4 at 3:12pm via Mobile Web

We're all tired today. Espespecially Dee. Heath didn't sleep good thru the night. And a little jealousy is hitting Riley, I think. So we're just laying around today taking turns holding babies.

September 5 at 4:05pm via Mobile Web
Today is Dee and Brandon's 2nd anniversary. They've had a busy and productive 2 years.

September 6 at 2:59pm via Mobile Web

Baby Heath finally had a good night. Night before not so good. Brandon back to work today.  The start of their new normal routine.

September 8 at 12:15pm via Mobile Web

Nephew Kyle [age 22] has arrived at our home in Pa. Bob picked him up over the weekend from Cinti. He'll be with us for a few months. Bob will be joining me in Spokane on Sat.

September 8 at 12:22pm via Mobile Web

I can't believe I only have 5 more days in Spokane with my beautiful kids. It's going to be hard to leave. Bob will be here tomorrow night for 4 days, then home together on Wed. morning.

September 10 at 11:17am via Mobile Web

Brandon left this morning to go out in the woods for 5 days to instruct a survival course. Bob gets here tonight. They won't see each other this trip. Even though Bob is coming to meet Heath and see Riley, I know he also misses Brandon. It's too bad the scheduling worked out this way.

September 11 at 11:09am via Mobile Web

(From my mother to me): Kyle went to Church with us this morning. He says he is going back next Sunday. Went to Perkins after Church. There was 7 of us. Kyle enjoyed himself. He said he was going to go for a walk this afternoon. Corey (a friend we hired to tutor Kyle in math) was there early this morning. (Kyle says) Elle May is not problem, but you know how Fergie is. (My dogs) Can't catch him, won...'t pee. All the doors are closed and he keeps checking all the rooms. I'm staying in touch with him. He loves Bobby. I'll be glad when you and Bob are home safely. Love you

September 12 at 3: 00

Took day trip yesterday to mid WA to Banks Lake and Coulee Dam. Very little population but beautiful country. Think spacious skies, amber waves of grain, and majestic purple mountains.

September 13 at 12:10pm via Mobile Web


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