Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Thoughts Two Days Before Christmas

Two more days until Christmas.  All the preparations; the shopping, the wrapping, the decorating, the planning, and the groceries are complete.  When it's all said and done and we get this close to The Day, there is a slight tendancy to sit back and wonder if it is all worth it and why do we go through all this trouble.  That thought quickly leaves me because the answer for me is, "Yes, it's worth it!"  I love this time of year.  I love the lights, the smells, and for us here in Pennsylvania, we are having a beautiful white Christmas.  I also love family getting together, although I have to say, that can bring with it  some stress and sadness. 
We just got home on Sunday evening from Cincinnati where the other half of our family lives.  Every year my brother and sister in law host a family Christmas weekend at  their beautiful home in Lebanon, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati.  We arrived on Thursday and then on Friday we always spend the day with My Bob's family and all day Saturday with my family.  It's so great seeing everyone that we probably don't see all year.

 The downside is that we end up seeing and hearing all the troubles and hardships and illnesses of family members that we are insulated from all year being 400 miles away. 
My brothers' 23 year old son has run into some major problems that I won't discuss, but suffice it to say my brother and our whole family are very worried and upset about it.  I have to say, though, that it's all due to very poor choices on his part.  My husband's 22 year old nephew is trying to find his way out of a bad family situation with my husband's brother and family.  My Bob is trying to help his nephew in every way that he can.  And worst of all, my Mother-in-law is very ill with pancreatic cancer and has now been given 3-6 months by the doctors. 
These are all very difficult issues to deal with, and especially at Christmas time when you're wanting to celebrate.  So I've talked to myself about this, and I am trying to put it all in a proper place in my head.   If there is something wrong in my life that I can do something about, then do it.  If there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, then pray about it and leave it up to God.  Easier said than done, but it's the way it is.  I know My Bob can get very down when he dwells on thoughts of his mother, brother and nephew, but he also gets it into perspective and shelves those thoughts where they need to go.   We have chosen to live our lives a certain way and other family members have chosen different paths.  It's tough.
I realize that all this is included in the Christmas spirit.  The spirit of giving to those without, prayer for those suffering, forgiveness for those that have done wrong.  Then keep the joy and happiness that is in me so that I can try to share that with those in need.  I need to keep in mind that at any time in this life, I could be on the needing side instead of the giving side.  I can only then hope that someone with a joyful and giving Christmas spirit would be there for me.


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