Monday, August 10, 2009

Computer Frustration

Well, Sunday was going to be a great day to catch up on my blogging, downloading pictures, and finish setting up my Etsy site. And it was nothing but frustration now for two days. Due to storms, possibly an old laptop that probably needs a good cleaning out, and the humidity, my computer shuts down about every time I write something and right before I down load it. Don't you hate when that happens? I could just scream. In fact, I think I did scream a few times. So this morning, I thought, OK, I'll start all over this afternoon when I get a chance to sit down. I got a whole paragraph done and the computer completely turned itself off and I thought for a few minutes that I lost everything. Eventually it all came back and so I just shut the computer down myself until it cooled down. It's very humid today and now it's storming again, so we'll see how far I get again. Of course, this isn't what I was going to write about, but I'm so frustrated I can't think straight.

I was going to talk about my grandson's (Logan) 5th birthday party on Saturday. His birthday was actually yesterday, but we had the party on Saturday. Melissa's (DIL) whole family came for the weekend for the event. It was nice, but very hectic, since everyone's dogs came along on the weekend visit. The party was held outside at Austin and Melissa's house and as is normal for PA, it rained just as we started to eat. Thank goodness their patio has a roof, so it wasn't too bad. Logan was very excited, but way too many Transformer toys if you ask me, and from my experience, they break after about two days.

But he had fun, and I guess that's most important. His PaPa from New York had a birthday two weeks ago, so Melissa got him a Sponge Bob cake. Fun was had by all!

I was also going to talk about my Etsy site briefly. I finally got it all set up and running. I'll have more details on my other site. It took me a while because I'm not very computer savvy, and then all the computer glitches.

I finally did get all my pictures downloaded. So I think I'm finally on a roll.

So there. It's only taken me two whole days now to get this all done and written. I feel like I've wasted so much time.

Uh Oh, It's storming and thundering. I better Save and Publish.


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