Saturday, February 20, 2010

Go For the Green

If you ask me my favorite color, I don't think green would be my answer.  But it must be.  I can hardly do any type of re-decorating in my house without using green of any shade.  It just always seems to be what I gravitate toward.  Now My Bob's office is blue, and the guest bathroom/My Bob's office bathroom is blue, but I'm hardly every in those rooms.  I think every other room has green in it.  It may be pink and green, or gold and green, or possibly a teal green, but I can't seem to get away from it.  It feels comfortable and homey to me.

This is when it really became clear.  I've been wanting to take down the off-white scarves that have been at my kitchen windows for over five years.  As long as we've lived here.  I wanted a change.

Click to enlarge.
 I thought I would get some beige or tan valances instead.  That's what I went to Lowe's to buy.  And that's what I looked at.  But then I saw some green plaid.  I tried to ignore them.  I asked Bob's opinion and he didn't have one.  I picked up the tan ones.  I put them back.  I went back to the green ones and tried to walk away again.  I couldn't do it.  So I picked one up.  Then I buckled under.  They would be perfect.  The place mats are green, gold and dark red plaid.  These would match.  The living room curtains, right next to the kitchen, are also green, gold and dark red plaid.  That goes.  The kitchen wallpaper has green leaves in it.  Check.  I couldn't resist.  They were perfect.
So I picked up new rods and couldn't wait to get home as this was going to be a free Friday project.  As in "free" time, not "free" as in cost. Now go back to the 2nd kitchen picture above and notice the time on the clock.  11:45 am.  That's when I started.  Keep in mind, as with everything, I'm slow.  I clean as I go.  Had to take down the old scarves and put them in the wash.  They are now going on the downstairs windows.  Take down the old hardware, dust and clean above all the windows since I'm up on a ladder and can see the dirt, put up five sets of new hardware, iron five new valances (which, by the way, turned out to be very nice fabric and lined), hang the valances, arrange all the pleats and folds until I felt they were perfect.  I was down to the last one and had to take My Bob to pick up his car that was at the garage getting a check up.  Since I had no time to cook dinner we picked up Chinese to bring home.  I hung up the last curtain and then had to move the clock a little higher.
So now what do you think?

Notice the time on the clock.  7:15.  Bob said he would never pay me by the hour.  Yea, but I do a good job.  Do you want quick or do you want good?
I love them.  They fit the feel and theme of my home much better.  They make my kitchen feel so much cozier, without blocking any of the view or light (on rare days that we have sun).

A few days ago I also got my St. Patrick's decorations out.  I don't have many at all, but again, since they are green I like to have them out.

My foyer entrance table.

Dining room with light green tablecloth topped with a shiny shamrock covered cloth and my shamrock doll.

Shamrock stained glass hanging by the front porch.  It was buried in snow, but we're getting a little bit of melt off right now. 
And that's all I have.  Besides exchanging out any pink candles from Valentine's to green candles. 

Oh, I also finished a new Spring/Easter egg cup pincushion.  It's up on my Etsy site.
I love when I have stay at home days all to myself.  Then I have fun doing these things I love to do.


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