Monday, September 28, 2009

Re-modeling and Re-decorating - In Progress.

Just a quick "Hello".  It's been a week since my last post.  (There I am sounding like I'm in confession).  Does that mean blogging is a bad thing?  Or just an addiction?  Anyway, I have to leave in 30 minutes to pick the grandsons up from pre-school.  Then it's making lunch, building something with the tinker toys (which I promised last week) and baking chocolate chip cookies.  It's also Monday, so it's laundry, ironing,  and clean sheets day.  I'd also like to do some quilting or knitting, but that will have to wait until about 8:00 tonight.
I was going to get on the computer a lot more over the weekend, but My Bob got into a re-decorating and home improvement kick just out of the blue so I had to jump on that opportunity.  It happens about once a year.  I'm guessing he has a few extra dollars I don't know about right now.  Whatever, I'm still jumping on it. 
Saturday morning he decided he wanted to re-arrange our bedroom.  Which then leads to a good cleaning under and behind where the furniture used to be.  Then a few pieces of furniture were eliminated and so I now have a coat stand in the middle of my sewing room and a rocking chair in the middle of my living room.  See how one thing leads to another?  The main reason for the bedroom redo was to create a wall space to put an electric fireplace. 
So yesterday it was off to Lowe's.

 Still no computer time, but I'm still taking advantage of this window of opportunity.  We find the fireplace mantel we like, so I write down the model # and now we need to borrow a truck.  And wouldn't you know it, it's been raining ever since Saturday night.  We don't want to haul anything in an open truck in the pouring rain.  But I figure, since we're at Lowe's and My Bob seems to be in the re-model mood, I take him to the bathroom department.  I have been wanting to do some improvements to our little powder room for a couple of years now.  He cooperated!!  Woo Hoo, we're on a roll.  I thought ahead and was prepared.  I measured the vanity because of want a new granite top and sink, new faucets, and new light fixture.  We picked it all out.  So now I want to double measure just to be sure then go back and put in the order.  And again, one thing leads to another.  The new counter top and light fixture is going to be a slightly different size so now we're going to get into re-painting the bathroom.
Since we're at Lowe's and I'm in the lighting department, I see a beautiful stained glass hanging lighting fixture that would look great in my kitchen.  He agrees!!  Add that to the list (in my head).  I also saw some tin ceiling (fake look alike) tiles that I would love to have in the little powder room.  (O.K., now I'm starting to push my luck).
I don't know when this is all going to get done, and it's still raining, and I have to leave now to get the boys, and they'll be here until 5:00.  Oh, just not enough hours in a day or enough days in a week. I'll keep you posted on the progress.  It seemed to all start with the T.V. musical chairs of last weekend.  I hope it doesn't just end with the ideas in our heads.


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