Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T.G.I.S. (Thank Goodnes it's Summer!)

Yesterday was such a good day, and so was today. I just love summer and it's finally getting here. The sun is out and it's warming up. The windows are open and I can hear all the windchimes in the neighborhood making their pretty music, along with the birds singing. LOVE IT!
The first bit of good news is that I sold my gas clothes dryer yesterday morning. We had to buy a new electric one because we smelled a gas leak a few weeks ago down in the basement and we narrowed the smell down to the one lonely section of gas line that was going clear across the basement ceiling (covered up with drywall) and up the wall in the garage into the laundry room. So My Bob turned off the gas valve to this one line and the smell went away. We decided it would be a lot cheaper and easier to change to an electric dryer rather than have to tear down the whole ceiling look for and replaceing the gas line. Well, our gas dryer was only a few years old, worked great and looked brand new, but the appliance guy wouldn't give us any trade in. He would haul it away for free, though. I thought, yea, then you'll sell it for a couple of hundred dollars. Bob said, "Just get rid of it, what are we going to do with it?" And I said, "No way, it's worth some money". So I put a five day ad in the local paper, and I got one phone call on Sunday. That couple came to look at it Monday morning, said we'll take it, handed me $200 cash, loaded it in their truck, and off they went. I was so excited and proud of myself. I'm looking around the house thinking, "What else can I sell"? That was so easy.
Since it was such a gorgeous day, and the dryer was now out of the garage, I decided to clean out the garage. What a filthy mess. Now, I keep my house as spotless as I can considering three dogs, a cat, and two grandsons part of the time, but the garage is My Bob's territory. He thought the garage was perfectly clean enough and couldn't see the problem. Are men just blind to dirt or what? I took my handy dandy leaf blower and just blew everything out of there that didn't belong. The whole time Bob is yelling down to me, "What can you possibly be taking so long to clean down there?" Blind, I tell you. So I got that done about two hours later and it felt so good. Well then all the dust balls, dirt, old gravel and crap was now in the driveway, so I continued my cleaning outside. The leaf blower, which is like my outside vacuum and dust rag all in one, was working overtime. Then guess what, it died! I'm devastated. So guess where that $200 is going to have to go? My extra little stash is already spent! It's always something, isn't it? I still felt good, though, because I was outside and I was seeing progress. Then I worked in the gardens a little bit and the perennials are starting to come up. Another good feeling. It is a continual work in progress with flowers around here because of the deer. We have so many deer that they aren't even frightened away by people. They'll just about walk right up to you. I've even had flowers on a stand on my front porch and they've walked right up on the porch in the middle of the night and eaten them. So I have researched over the years the different perennials that deer don't like. I get a few at a time and see how they do before I get more of that same kind. Sometimes a book may tell you deer won't eat a certain plant or flower, but they do. So I get excited over each plant that comes back again in the Spring/Summer. I'll fill in the bare spots with a new deer resistant find, or maybe a tried and true.

My daughter-in-law, Diana, came home from her weekly doctor's appointment and the doctor said the baby is ready and could be coming anytime. She's actually due June 8, but doctor said that if she hasn't had the baby by June 1, then he'll induce. They figure the baby is already weighing about 8 lbs. How can they know that? But from the size of Diana's belly, I would agree. We don't know if it's a boy or girl, but Diana and her girlfriends did the Drano test just for fun and it's a boy! Anyone ever hear of the Drano test? I guess you mix your urine with some Drano and then if it turns a certain color (I don't know what color that is) it's a boy, and another color, it's a girl. I have a mother's intuition hunch that it's a boy. I have two brothers, two sons and two grandsons. I just don't "feel" like a girl is in the plan for my life. That's OK.
My son, Brandon, is leaving for Spokane from San Antonio tomorrow to start looking for a house and start to get settled and prepared for Dee and baby to move out. For those of you not caught up, Brandon is in the Air Force and will be stationed in Spokane. So as soon as he gets "the baby call" he'll be on a plane back here to PA and will have 15 days leave. I can't wait!! Then he'll go back and Dee and baby will move in about a month. I'm not looking forward to that. I may need to go with them. I'm serious!

Stay tuned for updates on my sons, the Airmen. They're doing well and I'm so proud of them. I'll also be showing some before and after garden pictures as soon as the after comes in a little more. And, of course, baby updates will occur frequently. Life seems to be moving at warp speed right now.


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