Monday, August 16, 2010

My Cozy Little Sewing Room

Today is Monday, which means it's time to show off your cottage.  This is hosted by Cielo at The house in the roses.  Follow this link to see all the beautiful rooms and cottages:

This is the door to my cozy little sewing room.  This picture I found in an antique store just reminded me of how I feel in my room.  Like a little girl playing with her toys!

This is where you will find me almost every night, sitting in my favorite chair with knitting or sewing in my hands.  I had this chair and ottoman made a few years ago.  I had been wanting this chair with these fabrics I picked out for a long time.  I also ordered extra fabric and was able to make some throw pillows to match.  The pillow on the left is one I made doing a faux chenille sewing technique made of flannel.  And if you can notice the crocheted doily on the back of the chair, that was made many years ago by my great grandfather.

My dogs hang out on the couch as long as I'm in that room.  The couch is quite old.  It was my grandmother's and my boys used to take naps on it at her house when they were little boys.  It's in excellent condition and has so many memories for me and I also like the small size of it.  I had a white slipcover on it but I just got tired of messing with it.  The quilt on the back was the very first full size quilt that I ever made about ten years ago, and a few more throw pillows that I made for the dogs to cozy up with.  The little end table was found at Cracker Barrel by my mother about five years ago.  I should have taken a close up picture of it because it has the prettiest roses and ribbons decorating it. 

My little TV sits on top of a repurposed old sewing machine bottom made into a stand.  The top was brown but I painted it white, as I did with every piece of furniture and trim in the room.  The scarf under the TV is a gift from Germany given to me by my mother when she was living there for a while.  The table under the mirror was a credenza in my old dining room and it was also a light oak wood.  My husband put the legs on for me to make it the right height for me to stand at and cut fabric and iron.  Again, I painted with a white wash, then stenciled lace on the drawers and glued on cloth covered buttons and hearts.  This little room is so jam packed that it's hard to even point out every little thing in there.  I made most of the wall hangings, the collection of pin cushions on the TV stand, and the framed mini quilt on top of the TV.  All the baskets on the floor are filled with either yarn or fabric.  The closet is also filled, but I won't even go there!  I try to keep it as organized as I can, but this is all stuff I need.  And I love just sitting there amongst it all.  Uh Oh! does this sound like a hoarding issue?

The sewing machine is from 1970 and was my grandmother's.  It also started out brown, sort of Early American style and came with a Singer sewing machine.  I used this old machine of hers until just a few years ago when I finally got a new Janome.  Here's the original owner's manual that came with the cabinet and machine and this is exactly what it looked like.

And you guessed it!  I painted it white with pink and green trim.  Then I sanded spots to give it a more shabby look.  The cover on the chair came from Sure-Fit slipcovers.

I just didn't know when to stop and stenciled the roses on top of the cabinet. 

I made the curtain, but they did not originally start out at curtains.  It was a quilt top that I had never made into a quilt and I needed curtains, so I cut the quilt in half, sewed a backing to them, made a rod pocket and they worked out perfect.  But then after I hung them I thought they didn't quite look frilly enough, so I hung lace behind them that hangs down beneath.  
Everything on the little white shelf is stuff I've made.  More pincushions and miniature pillows.  I also made that mini little quilt hanging under the clock.  It's a quilt of a sewing machine.  Oh, and notice the lamp shade on the right.  I made that, too.

These are some miniature quilts that I have made.  I  have thought about selling them, but I would have to ask so much for them that I doubt anyone would buy.  Besides that, they take me so long to make that I hate the though of parting with them.  I'll have to show more on these in a different post.

My mother and I also do counted cross stitching and she made this for me.  Isn't it just perfect?

I made this wreath many years ago, incorporating things I like into it.  It's maybe a little cheesy, but I love how I feel when I look at it.

So that's my cozy little sewing room.  It's not very big, and there's a lot crammed in there, but when I'm in there I just feel like I'm wrapped up in one big comfy quilt.  I hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as I enjoy being in it!


Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I can see why you are comfortable here! And being surrounded by wonderful things you've made has to inspire your creativity, I would think. Very fulfilling.

Vee said...

I love to see other gals' sewing rooms and yours is no exception. You can even have company in there while you're working and diversions. That's pretty cool. I'm intrigued that your grandfather made the crocheted doily. That's wonderful. Yes, your room contains lots of treasures old and new...thanks for sharing them with us.

Denise said...

What a comfy looking room, I love the way you have decorated it, and the way it makes you feel when you are in there is wonderful. I feel the same way about my cozy sewing room!

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

I love your cozy sewing room!! Thanks for sharing! And I also love your mini quilts--amazing!

bj said...

I adore your pretty room....and the first quilt you made is awesome. You must be wonderful at sewing. My first quilt was a plain and simple 9 patch...but they are some of my favorites.

I belong to the SISTAS, too, and I am trying to follow all of them..I am your newest follower.:)
Come over and try for a win on my CSN gift card giveaway...

Theresa said...

I love your sweet room, I could curl up on that sofa and take a nap! There are so many beautiful things in that room! I love all of the quilts, on the sofa and on the wall! They are gorgeous! I love it that you have so many meaningful pretties like the crocheted doily on the back of the chair! Love it Nina! Love your sweet sewing room, even the picture on the door!

Connie said...

That little sewing room is adorable, honey!!! I mean REALLY charming. The chair is one I'd love to have also. Just can't say enough about the "feel" of that room. Darling.

DJan said...

I have been toying with the idea of making some quilts like yours, but only toying. I don't have the luxury of a wonderful dedicated room like you have. I love the looks of it, you are so talented!!!

Shelia said...

Your sewing room is so charming and cozy! I'd hang out here a lot! Love the pink and that big ole comfy chair and ottoman.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a lovely, comfortable place to create. I especially love your pink and white chair. I also used to have a sewing machine like your old one, and still have the owner's manual, too! Thanks for letting us in to visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina,
I so enjoyed my visit. I love your sewing room. I too love to sew. Pink is one of my favorite color.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie Mae and Fergie ,
I so enjoyed visiting you. My name is Miss Candi. I am a Parti Poodle. I love making new friends. I blog with my mommy about my adventures. I see you have your mommy trained like I do. It is so easy to wrap our mommies around our paws. I hope you will stop by and say hello.
Wags and Licks,
Miss Candi

Susan said...

Wow, that pink chair you had made is absolutely gorgeous....looks soooo comfy. Boy, I'd love to have a chair like that to sit and dream (and sleep) in. Without saying the exact price, could you tell me if it was expensive to have it made? Thanks. Susan

daphne said...

Oh I love it here, you make me feel like I am home again. The shade of pink? Pink is the color of happiness and is sometimes seen as lighthearted. Brighter pinks are youthful, fun and exciting while vibrant pinks have the same high energy as red. They are sensual and passionate without being too aggressive. Cool Grandma


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