Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day Care - Expensive, Grandchildren - Priceless

This is a busy month for me since I'm temporarily keeping my grandsons after pre-school three days a week. My DIL has given her two week notice at her job. Her last day is October 7, which is a little longer than two weeks because she is staying on to train her replacement. After that date she will be staying home with the boys. There are several reasons for this. I am very happy about this decision.
First off, the day care the boys attended all summer and after pre-school just lost its state funding. To put them into a day care that doesn't receive funding would cost them $240/week. I'm not saying that the price isn't worth taking care of your beloved children, but then it comes down to working just to pay the day care.
My son has also been asking her to quit her job. He is an Air Force recruiter in a town that's a little over an hour from their home. They considered moving, but hate to give up their home as it belonged to my grandparents for over 50 years. Austin felt that if things were more organized and calmer at home, he wouldn't mind the long hours and the drive so much. Now that the decision has been made he already seems much more relaxed.
Melissa's (DIL's) brother has also just come to live with them in their guest house. He is 29 years old but has some physical disabilities and Melissa has become his caretaker. He doesn't require a lot of care, but he doesn't drive, so she has to take him to doctor appointments, physical therapy, and to New York where he's from in order to visit his original doctor once a month.
They have a lot going on and with two little boys, the more chaos they can cut back on, the better.
So time will tell and I hope that things go well for them. In the meantime, I pick the boys up three days a week from their pre-school at 11:30 and they stay with me until about 5:30. They are sweet little boys and love being with their Bobby and Nina. And we love having them here, but they are typical little boys and very active and loud and want to be entertained. They know with me I don't constantly entertain. Bobby (Grandpa), on the other hand, plays with them and entertains them as much as he can in between working. So they think this is normal and what should happen all day while they're here.
Bobby and I are a pretty good Grandma and Grandpa team. Bobby plays, wrestles and takes them into the woods to build forts. I give the snacks, hugs, kisses, bake cookies so they can lick the bowl, and make popcorn and hot chocolate for movie rest time.
I can remember how much I loved going to Grandma and Grandpa's house when I was a little girl and now understand the pure love bond that Grandmas and Grandpas have with their grandchildren.


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