Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Made It To Bermuda!

Wednesday, May 4

We were rockin’ and rollin’ the whole night through!  Very rough waters all night.  I felt OK, it was just a lot of movement and very loud.  I think maybe there was a storm.  All I could think about in the middle of this stormy rocking night was the Bermuda Triangle.  I was thinking we must be getting close to it and I hope we make it.  
We did!  We woke up anchored in the bay of  St. George where those of us that wanted to go ashore were ferried in to the island where we had booked a tour. 
View of our ship from St. George

St. George is the original Bermuda settlement.  In 1609, the English ship, “Sea Venture” was on it’s way to the new American settlement of Jamestown.

 A hurricane grounded the “Sea Venture” just off St. George and the survivors became the first residents.

We toured old Fort St. Catherine,

Dad guarding the Fort

 visited St. Peters Church,

 saw the “Unfinished church”

which was left unfinished due to financial difficulties,  and remains standing that way to this day.

We visited the Towne Hall,

 walked up the narrow winding staircase of the old lighthouse,

Me and Bob with Don and Kay standing at the top of the lighthouse

 and stopped for a rum and coke at an outdoor pub along the beach.

Bob and I with Gomby the pig outside the pub

There are old cemeteries and beautiful flowers everywhere.

 The buildings and houses are built from concrete block and limestone so that they can withstand hurricane force winds.  The limestone roofs are all painted white and the houses themselves are painted  pastel colors.

 I can imagine that this would look terrible in Northeast PA, but it looks so pretty here next to the beautiful bright aqua water!

We did a little bit of shopping before we had to get back to the ship.  As in normal man fashion, Dad and Don sat on a bench in front of Town Hall and ate ice cream.

For the first time on the trip we ate dinner in the Rotterdam Dining Room on the ship.  The food was delicious.  The other evenings we had just been grabbing food at the buffet or the pizza bar outside.  The dining room is beautiful, with a semi circle wall of windows overlooking the Harbor. While eating a first class sit down dinner an orchestra plays soft classical dinner music on the balcony.  It almost reminds you of a scene from The Titanic.
For some reason, The Bermuda Triangle and The Titanic are always on my mind!

After dinner the ship had sailed to the other end of the island in Hamilton.  Hubby and I got off the boat to tour a little bit of Hamilton in the early evening.

Back on the ship, the movie, “The Accidental Husband” was playing in the theatre.  It was just O.K.  I’m still not feeling real well, so it was hard for me to stay awake.  I really needed to just get back to our room and lay down for the evening.  We found this towel sculpture of a turkey waiting on our bed for us!

I was exhausted!  My throat is really bothering me and I’m getting very annoyed about it.  You plan and wait for a vacation like this, and then not to feel well when you finally get there is a little frustrating.

Overall, it was a very good day.  It's so pretty and sunny in Bermuda, even though it rained for a few minutes, it clears right up and the sun keeps shining.

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