Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Part One - The Good News

When I left you last Thursday, I was hoping for a nice weekend and looking forward to some much needed relaxing and alone time. Well, my prayers were answered and I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday and Sunday. Now I realize that today is Wednesday, so just suffice it to say that it's a good thing that I had those two days because Monday afternoon started a two and half day headache, literally and figuratively. But let me start with Part I and the good news first.
Saturday I was able to work outside and in my gardens all day long. Loved it! I have discovered under the weeds and sticks that there are a few perennials that didn't survive the winter, deer, rabbits, and chipmunks. One was a butterfly bush that was huge and beautiful last year. Oh so frustrating.
Then after waking up to an absolutely gorgeous Sunday morning with very sore muscles (my Bob can't understand how gardening can create sore back and legs, but it does), I took my coffee and cinnamon roll, my knitting, and my current issue of "Country Living" magazine and went down to my "sitting room" on the lake.

Here was my view from my lounge chair
This was my entertainment. Daddy duck - don't know where Mama Duck was at the moment.

And their family of 6 babies. There used to be 8 -- I don't want to think about the reason.

Finally, my Bob decided to join me around lunch time and noticed that our weeping willow that we planted last summer was leaning way to the left, so he tied a rope around the trunk and pulled it to the right and tied the rope around the lamp post. Hope that works. We have a family of muskrats that live under our little peninsula and they dig from underneath so each summer we have to fill in with mud, rocks, etc. Nature needs a little re-arranging sometimes.

The day was glorious and then for dinner we had Mom, Dad, DIL Melissa and grandsons over for hot dogs on the deck. That was after Mom, Dad and I took a short boat ride around the lake. My first so far this summer.
That was the end of our quiet, relaxing weekend.
Tune back in for Part II and the bad news from Monday and Tuesday.

Thank You, Judy S.Q.

Thank you Judy the Squirrel Queen. I really appreciate these awards. As we all know, out there in Blogville, it is nice to know that others are reading and looking at what we enjoy putting out there. I am passing this on to all those that find the time to follow me once in a while, but I will mention one by name only because I don't have much time right now. I will single out more when time allows.
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