Tuesday, February 9, 2010

American Idol

Twenty minutes until American Idol starts.  I look forward to 8:00 every Tuesday and 9:00 every Wednesday.  It's so entertaining to me.  Tonight starts Hollywood week with Ellen.  I was the same way with Star Search years ago.  Anybody remember that show?  I think it was on Sunday afternoons and My Bob and I always made sure we were home to watch it.   Bob isn't addicted to American Idol like I am, but it is one show he's willing to watch with me.  And since he's willing to watch it with me I try to refrain from going up to my sewing room and we hole up in bed together while it's on.  I still sneak my knitting into bed with me.  Don't call me, though.  I won't answer the phone.   Shortly after the show is over, he's snoring away, and then I'm right back into my sewing room until about midnight.
I think I really like to see someone go from obscurity to super stardom in a matter of months.  Isn't that just amazing?  It's fun to watch it happen.  I'm going to keep track of my favorites as the show continues and we'll see how they do.
Olympics start in a couple of days.  I'm the same way about watching them. 
I never can just sit and watch TV just by itself.  I have to knit, sew, or make something.  Bob doesn't quite get how I can pay attention to a show while I'm doing other things.  But I do. 
Just a gift I have!


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