Friday, January 29, 2010

My World, My Style

Wow! It's cold outside.  I am staying inside all day.  I love when I can do that.  The sun is out, which is unusual around here, so it's really pretty.  We ended up getting a lot of snow yesterday.  This is what it looked like yesterday morning.
As of the day before yesterday, all the snow was almost gone due to all the rain we had.  Now this again.  I'm so lucky that I don't usually have to go out if I don't want to.  I can at least wait until the driveway gets shovelled. 
I was able to get my new white lights up on my mantel.  I'm so used to these lights that when they burn out it drives me crazy.  The room just feels so dark and cold without them.  Little lights just make a room feel so much cozier.  I have a small little passion for small little lamps.  My Bob calls it my light show when I start turning on all my little lamps at 5:00 in the evening. 
Here's my mantel with the lights out.

Just too dark, isn't it?
Now here it is with the lights on.

Isn't that better?  And this picture was taken during the day.  It's even prettier at night.   I also found these cute little wooden valentines at JoAnn's.  I like that they're subtle and muted and blend in better with my colors.  I'm not really a bright red person.

As you can see, I have an Old World theme to my home with wine, grapes, vines, etc.  At least this is what the HGTV web site told me.  That's a fun site if you're into decorating, crafts, gardening, etc.  You can take a little quiz on line that tells you your decorating style.  Mine is "Old World, New Way".  I was so excited to know my style had an actual name. 
 I may have shown this before, but this is my fireplace screen that we had a stained glass artist friend of ours make for us as per my design.

I didn't like the old ugly black cover that's on the fireplace so this is a pretty cover up.

So for today I told myself I was going to work on bookkeeping.  I'm still procrastinating on that job.  Maybe after lunch ---.


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