Thursday, January 14, 2010

Enjoy the Good, Deal With the Bad - That's Life

I wish I had the time to write slower, with more thought and insight and wisdom, but I don't have that time.  Events seem to be happening faster than I can write about them, so I'm summarizing in order not to miss anything.
My DIL, Dee, and granddaughter, Riley, are in Pennsylvania from Spokane for two weeks and part of that time they have been in Pittsburgh with Dee's family so we only see her every few days.  I'll take it.  They were just here for about three hours and I made lunch for Dee and her mother, Lori.
Lori and I have known each other for about 30 years, even before our children were born.  Lori's parents and my grandparents are members of the same church and they have known each other's families just about their whole lives.  So now to have Lori's daughter and my son married with this little beautiful baby girl that is our mutual granddaughter is so unbelievable when we think about it.

Me and Baby Riley

Grammy Nina and Grampy Bob

Yesterday my mom and I went to the other kids' new house in Indiana, PA, to help my other DIL with the continual cleaning and decorating.  I certainly don't get as much accomplished when I go there as I would like to.  The boys are now in their new pre-school, so it's a little easier to get things done while they're in school.  We made a trip to Lowe's, which happens to be right across the street from their house, and shopped for curtain rods and a few curtains.  I got one curtain rod and curtain up in the downstairs bathroom.  There are approximately 20 more windows to go.  Mom helped clear all of the remaining boxes out of the living room and Melissa worked on cleaning the boys' toy room.  There is still a lot to do.  I'll try to get down there one day next week again.

On Monday, I went with Mom and Dad to the funeral home to make funeral arrangments for Grandma.  She's still with us, but Mom and Dad are going to Florida for two weeks in February and I didn't want to be faced with any of these decisions on my own and I wouldn't want them to have to rush back from their trip to be faced with this difficult job at a difficult time.  To write an obituary, choose a casket, clothes, pictures, etc. is not a pleasant thing to do at all, but it is easier to do before a death rather than the day of or the day after.  Grandma is 93 years old and weighs 59 pounds and we just do not know how she is staying alive.  It's still not her time.

Last weekend I finally got ALL my Christmas decorations put away.  All in the appropriate box and plastic container and in the closet under the stairs.  There are only a couple of things still left outside because they are either buried under snow or it's just been way too cold for me to want to go out and take it down.   I always leave the tree up in the tea room and I have it re-decorated for Valentine's Day.  The lace ornaments are left on, the Christmas balls come off and hearts go on, velvet bows come off and roses go on, and Christmas ribbon is replaced with ribbon with hearts.

I still plug those white lights in every night.

Oh, and here is my newest tea set addition for my tea room.

This was a Christmas gift from my son, Austin, and DIL, Melissa.  They found this black rose tea set in a little shop in Germany during their visit there in November.

Now tomorrow Bob and I are leaving for Cincinnati again for the weekend.  We want to visit his mother who is very ill with pancreatic cancer.  We will probably be making this 6 1/2 hour one way trip every month or so until ---.  Another sad event slowly occuring for us. 

When we get back home around 6:00 on Sunday evening, our son, both DIL's and all three grandchildren will meet us here at home to visit each other.  Then Bob and I will babysit the three little ones while the three older ones go out to dinner for Austin and Melissa's 6th anniversary. 

My wish for this beginning of this new year is to actually be able to hibernate for 3 to 4 days.  As much as I am thrilled to have my grandchildren around me and to be needed and wanted by my children, DIL's, and husband, I would love to have just a few days all to myself.  No visits, no interuptions, no place to have to go.  Just 3 or 4 days, that's all.  I don't really see this happening in the near future, though.  How about one day?  I would settle for one day!  Oh well, I'm not complaining, just tired.   


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