Thursday, February 18, 2010

Competitions- Olympics, American Idol, & Jewelry

I did it!  I managed to watch both the Olympics and American Idol last night.  Even without TiVO or a DVR.  I did it the old fashioned way by switching back and forth from 9-10 pm.  I may have missed some bits and pieces of both, but I didn't miss anything major.
First, the Olympics.
This was probably the biggest night so far.  Gold medals won by Lindsey Vonn for downhill skiing, Shaun White for snowboarding, and Shani Davis for speed skating.  Then Julia Mancuso won a silver medal for downhill skiing, right behind Lindsey, and Chad Hedrick won a bronze for speed skating with Shani.  And my favorite, Apolo Ohno, he is so cute, qualified for the finals on short track.  I don't think those finals are until next week. This was so exciting.  I love to hear the personal stories behind the athletes.  How their parents worked several jobs to be able to afford to keep their child in their sport and how they drove their child hours and hours to practices.  The injuries, the training schedules, etc.  This is the real thing in reality TV.  Now tonight USA's Evan Lysacek goes against Russia's Plushenko in men's ice skating.

Then for an hour I had to switch back and forth to American Idol. 

 They were picking the top 24 and I couldn't miss it.
And keep in mind that I was also making a new pincushion while watching both shows, and two dogs laying beside me.  Talk about multi-tasking!
Anyway, my favorite picks from the very beginning are still in:  Casey James, the cute, long blond hair guy; Andrew Garcia, the father that wants this so bad to give his family a better life; Big Mike, whose wife had their first baby during Hollywood week; and Crystal Bowersox, the mother of a baby boy,  Janis Joplin/Carol King look alike.  I also like Lacey Brown, Siobhan Magnus, and Todrich. 
I feel so bad for those that made it up to this point and then told they weren't going any further.  Oh, I just wanted to cry with them.  I understand that Ellen is going to have a few of these talented people on her show that were cut already from American Idol.  I know not everyone is a fan of Ellen, but I think she's great.

This last competition is a little closer to home and one we can all enter.  It's a $5,000 jewelry sweepstakes by LuShae Jewelry that I'm helping to promote. 

 for the $5,000 in cash, and by entering you also receive a 15% discount on any jewelry order.  The jewelry is very pretty and not expensive at all.  You'll also see links on my sidebar.  Good luck!
I'll keep you updated on all of the above.


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