Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life Goes On

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Bob, today. He's 55 years old. I think he looks real good and not his age at all. We've been married almost 30 years and he has never missed a week, in all those years, of working out, lifting weights and exercise. I wish I could stick to it like that, but I find I have too many other things I'd rather do. I guess it should be a priority for me like it is for him. I'm not sure if we are really doing anything special today to celebrate. We had cake on Sunday while our son was still home and we had the grandsons visit. Since some things have quieted down a little, I think we'll just enjoy some peace and quiet time. I think if I just pay some extra attention to him he'll be happy. I've been so pre-occupied lately with children, grandchildren, parents, and grandparents. My Bob has been a little bit ignored. And we all know that men are just big kids and need attention!

To catch up those of you following along, my DIL, Melissa, got home safely from San Antonio. And my son, Brandon, is doing well on his cross country drive to Spokane. Bob spoke to him this morning (thank goodness for cell phones, how did we live without them). He is in South Dakota and has decided to stop to visit Mount Rushmore. Good for him, I wish I was with him.

Life is an adventure, isn't it? Something new every day, and when things look bad or impossible, life just keeps moving on and it seems everything eventually always works out. This realization has become more true after 50+ years of life and 29+ years of marriage.


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