Monday, October 25, 2010

Calm, Quiet Home Sweet Home

Kincaid - Autumn
(The Blessings of Autumn – Thomas Kincaid)
My house is all mine again!  The grandsons were picked up about 3:00 yesterday and then at 6:30 last night, nephew Kyle was taken to the bus terminal and headed back to Cincinnati.  The boys were only here for the weekend, but Kyle had been here for two months.
Since I am a huge fan of clean, neat, quiet and time to myself, this is a very feel good day for me.  Kyle was actually going to be here longer, but some things didn’t work out quite as planned and our patience ran thin.  I’ll explain this “Kyle Project” in a separate post.  I’m just glad to have no current house guests.  Someone said to me, “You’ll probably be bored when all the activity and chaos goes away”.  NO WAY!  Not this girl.  I  love calm and quiet. 
Today was a rainy and dark Monday and I just kept telling my husband what a great day it was.  It felt so comfy and cozy as I cleaned the guest bedroom and bath and made tapioca pudding FOR TWO!
Again, I am going to sound selfish, but I asked hubby to please promise that he will not offer our home, time, money and energy to any more needy family members.  It would be a different story if it did some good and wasn’t just taken for granted and even criticized.
I didn’t really mean to get into that, I just am glad to have my house back to myself.  Now maybe instead of the time spent on additional cooking, cleaning, tutoring, cleaning up legal issues, working with social services, etc., Bob and I can get back to our own work, hobbies, travel and enjoying our life. 
This last six months was certainly filled with enough activity, including 3 funerals, the births of 2 more grandchildren and everything in between.  This was just one more thing we didn’t need right now. 
There, I vented and feel even better. 


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