Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grandchildren, Grandma, and Great Great Grandparents

I'll start with an update:  Logan is home from the hospital and doing well.  He seems to be back to his normal, active self.  We're so glad for that. 
Melissa is done working.  She'll be staying home with the boys now.  They both go to pre-school mornings only, so that will give her a little break each day.  I remember when my two boys were little and I always thought it was easier going to work than staying home.  But my boys loved for me to be home.  Even once they were in school all day, they liked when I was home when they got off the bus.   I do remember that it was a very busy time in our lives.  I was fortunate that we had our own business, so my schedule was very flexible. I hope she does well.
Yesterday, Dee, Baby Riley, Dee's grandmother, and I went to the Nursing Home to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  They were so excited to see Riley.  Grandpa is doing great.  He loved holding Riley and talking to her.  He is her great-great grandpa, but he gets confused and kept referring to himself as her Uncle.  I would correct and remind him, but then five minutes later he would forget again.  Grandpa will be 94 on October 28.

Now Grandma is another story.  She was sleeping when we got there.  As soon as she woke up and saw we were there with the baby her face lit up and she wanted to get up into her chair.  She's not strong enough to hold Riley, so I sat next to her with Riley on my lap so that she could touch her.  Grandma can't see, and just recently she has lost her voice completely.  She also keeps losing weight and now weighs only 63 pounds.  But her mind is good.  She wants to say things and can't.  It must feel like she's living in hell.  It makes me so sad and I feel so sorry for her.  She kept wanting to tell me something and there was no way I knew what it was.  I know it was something about Riley or Dee or maybe a question about Brandon (Riley's dad, my son).  So I tried to explain everything to her as complete as I could with the hope that I was answering her un-asked question.

So here I am with my grandmother and my granddaughter.  Pretty amazing when you think about it.  The Circle of Life in extreme.  The one end of the circle is so sad and the other so joyous. 
I won't be seeing Riley today.  She and Dee are staying at Dee's grandmother's  and tonight Dee goes to the wedding rehearsal dinner.  I'm also in a fashion show tonight and I  wish I wasn't.  It's a benefit for the local Free Clinic and is a very good cause.  They ask me every year to model and I've done it for probably six years in a row.  But I'm honestly just not into it any more.  The clothes are nice and it's fun once I get there.  I just don't feel like doing all the hair and makeup.  I'm thinking right now that I will decline this little job next year.  I'd rather be home with grandchildren, or husband, or knitting and sewing.  I guess I'm getting old --- and loving it!  I just don't want to get as old as Grandma (93) if that's the condition I would be in.


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