Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Little Exercise Does Wonders

We're all getting back on schedule now.  It could be that we were so tired on Monday because we really did work pretty hard over the weekend - cleaning, cooking and friends over for the Super Bowl.  Oh, and two babies to keep up with!  The thing that has made both of us feel so much better is exercise.  Dee has been going to the gym each morning for an hour with some of her friends.  I'm glad I'm able to give her that break. She said the exercise makes her feel so much better.  I hope she can find a sitter or a friend to watch the kids after I go back home this weekend.
While she's gone I put Heath down for a nap and then I work out to a fitness show on TV.  It's "Bodies in Motion by Gilad".  Back home it's on FIT TV, but here I found it on JLTV (Jewish Life TV).  It's half an hour and includes some stretching, cardio, abs and some light weights.    When done consistently it's a nice little workout. 
Yesterday morning I was trying to keep Riley occupied so I told her to exercise with me.  She tried to follow along and it was so cute.  Then I picked up the hand weights and she picked up two of the dogs' rubber bones and tried to do the same thing I was doing.  So adorable!  This morning I had my camera ready just in case, and she followed along again with me and Gilad.

Heath has also become a much easier baby.  The colic that he was so troubled with while at my house seems to have passed.  Now he is a happy, smiling baby!
He loves his jumpy chair and will sit in there and laugh and bounce for quite a while.

Brandon came home this morning from five days on a training mission out in the woods. He walked in the front door about 8:30, with all his gear, looking and smelling like a mountain man.

   We were all so glad to see him.  Layla (their Sharpei/Golden) could hardly control herself.
Unfortunately Brandon has to leave at 6:00 tomorrow morning for Georgia for three weeks of Jump School training.  I won't see him again until they possibly come back home in June.  Poor Dee is going to be home alone with the kids for 2-1/2 weeks since I'm leaving on Sunday.  She does a great job, though, and is a wonderful and patient mother.  Brandon wanted me to stay longer to help her, but I really need to get back home.  Dee is probably ready for a break from me anyway.  She's been with her mother-in-law (me!) since Christmas.  Being alone isn't always a bad thing! 

I figure by Saturday, the day before I go home, I'll be accustomed to the time change and Dee and I will have a good system working together!  Then it will take me another week and a half to get used to the Eastern time change!


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