Friday, February 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Show and Tell

I know St. Patrick's Day is a month away, but I took the Valentine decorations down, along with the straggling Christmas decorations, so the next holiday and seasonal decorations have to come out.  Since we have had two beautifully unusual warm days, I was able to do a little bit outside.

Here's my little tree that sits on my front stoop that I decorate for each season.

  I don't totally re-decorate it because it's my grape and wine tree that stays in keeping with the overall theme of my home.  Then I tweak it a little bit to go with the current holiday or season.

I exchanged the heart ribbon for green plaid.  I also had a few Christmas remnants still left on so I took those off.  And I had LED lights on, but if you've ever used those you know how they put off a different color, like a bluish color rather than a yellow color.  I had to switch that back to a regular strand of lights.  That blue tint drove me crazy.  I'm told you can get "cool" LED lights that are more yellow, but I can't find them right now.

I had to also change out my foyer entrance table.
The teapot and teacup are from JoAnn's Crafts two years ago.
This little "Welcome" sign hanging from the drawer pull is from JoAnn's yesterday.

I don't do too much more for St. Patrick's Day.  I may put a green tablecloth on the dining room table instead of the burgundy.  I also exchange some of my pink candles with green ones.

Now I just need to put the Valentine's boxes away and I'm good for another month.  Then it's time to work on Easter!
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