Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Lot Can Happen in the Middle of the Night

Last night was a rough night!  I have a head cold that really isn't that bad during the day, but as soon as I get ready to go to bed at night I start to get all clogged up and then I start to cough.  Drainage!  Yuk!  I seemed to get to sleep last night fine, but at 1:00 a.m. I started a coughing fit that just wouldn't quit.  To the point of gagging and my stomach muscles were so sore!   I got out of bed so that I could breath and to try to not keep Hubby awake all night.  I went upstairs to my sewing room and turned on the TV.  Surprisingly there's quite a bit on all during those wee hours.  Not like the old days when all that be on would be the station's big  test circle.   The coughing finally calmed down, but then I seemed to be wide awake.  I watched HGTV and then Tru TV and finished knitting a beaded necklace and started a new one.  These have been my new creative obsession lately.

This is the one I finished last night.  I started putting charms on them.  Here's one of the first ones I made without a charm.

I like using yarn with a metallic thread running through it.  It just gives it more of a jewelry look.

This is another style I've also been working on, along with a cuff bracelet.

I have a few of these on my Etsy site here.

Finally at about 5:30 am I started to get tired and felt like I could finally lay my head down without coughing to death.  I slept until 9:00.  Surprisingly, I felt pretty good today.  If I could get by with that every night I could get so much accomplished from 1:00 to 5:30 every morning!

My first thought when I woke this morning was about my oldest son, Austin.  He turns 30 years old today!  I just can't believe I have a child that old.  I still feel like I'm 30!  Well, sometimes.  When I'm feeling better!
Here's my oldest baby walking me down the aisle at my younger son's (his brother's)  wedding about 2-1/2 years ago.

Isn't he handsome?  I'm so proud of him!  Now he's a wonderful husband and father of three.  Oh how time flies!

Now here's the strange part of my story.  It struck me as kind of strange, coincidental, funny anyway.  At exactly 12:55 a.m. 30 years ago, Austin was born.  I remember at about 5:30 a.m., 30 years ago I was finally able to sleep for a couple of hours.  Once that thought struck me, I got all goose bumpy!  Just a coincidence?  For some reason, I just don't think so.

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