Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting Back to Some Kind of Normal

I'm so sorry! I feel like I've abandoned everyone. Ever since we returrned from Spokane I've been re-nesting in a way. I've been cleaning and organizing and then at night I've been feeding my need to create. Take a look at my other blog to see what I've been doing,

I got the upstairs guest room and bath all cleaned out. Dee lived in these rooms for six months and after we moved all of her things out it needed a good deep clean. So I have the guest room all fixed up as a play room for the grandsons that visit quite often. They love the new big play space, but I am going to eventually be putting a bed in there. We haven't decided whether we want to move our queen bed in there and get a new king for us, or just get a new queen or maybe just a day bed. I also think I may want to strip off all the wallpaper that is rather dated and paint. So at least until I come to some decorating decisions, it's clean and the boys love it.

I've also had to catch up on real work for my husband's business. I don't mind, except it just leaves less time to do my fun stuff. Saturday we had another wedding to go to in Pittsburgh. It was beautiful. A very nice young man that wrestled for Penn State that we've known for 20 years and My Bob helped him train. I just did not feel like travelling any more or going anywhere, but I couldn't miss it.

Then Tuesday and Wednesday we kept the grandsons. We hadn't seen them since we left for Spokane and we missed them. After two days and a night, that itch has been scratched. Boy are they busy little guys. Wears me out. We had fun, though. We took them to our County Fair on Tuesday afternoon and we had such a good time. We were all so tired Tuesday night. Then they were up again about 6:30 Wednesday morning. Logan and I spent the day together and shopped for his birthday which is on Sunday. Five years old. Hard to believe. He's into Transformers right now. So we got a transformer toy, and transformer sheets, blanket and curtains. I would love to fix up the boys' bedroom in their new decor, but I guess Mommy and Daddy are going to do that.

I think as of today I'm starting to feel settled in to my nest again. And I still need to catch up on my blogging. I want to tell you all about our trip out west complete with pictures. Hopefully this weekend will give me some time.


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