Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Windows With a View

It's the beginning of March.  In many areas you're seeing signs of Spring. Maybe some buds on the branches of the trees, some daffodils blooming, and warmer days.  Around here, not so much.   It's still very chilly here.  I have noticed that the sun is out a little more, but besides that it still looks like winter.
Hubby and I were driving the three miles to my parents' house on Sunday for dinner and this was the scenery from our car window.
This is the entrance coming in the front gate of our little community where we live.

It was snowing, and the roads were getting slippery.  It's pretty, though, isn't it?  This is a little pond that is sometimes used for ice skating.

This is the road coming up from the front gate.  Again, from the car window on March 6.

Pulling up to Mom and Dad's house in the woods.  Reminds you of "Over the River and Through the Woods".  It's very charming at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but by March we're a little tired of it.  I'm ready for a different, warmer pretty!

Today, the sun is out, but it's currently 39 degrees.  Slight improvement from the weekend.  The babies (dogs) were going crazy barking at the front window.  I finally figured out why.  This is what they were looking at across the street.

Deer are a very common thing here.  The dogs go crazy every time, but the deer aren't fazed.  They are so plentiful and tame that we can practically walk right up to them and they don't move.  Again, a fun and pretty site, but they are such a nuisance.  They're looking for food.  And when those flowers, plants and bushes start blooming, these deer will be all over them.

I'm so lucky to have the views that I have.  I'm just ready for it to look a little different.  Spring will eventually show up!


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