Friday, September 4, 2009

Hurry - Quick - Too Much Going On

O.K. this is going to be a quick one. I don't know how I got so busy. I don't have kids in school, but I guess just the change of season has brought things to my attention that I need to do. And the Labor Day Weekend. So before I run out of time, I hope everyone has a great End of Summer, Four Day, Labor Day Weekend. The weather is supposed to be beautiful here. We're going to Buffalo on Sunday for a family reunion, maybe stop at American Niagara Falls on Monday morning, then head home. Austin and the two grandsons, Mom and Dad, and My Bob and I are going. Austin's wife isn't going. She didn't really want to, and they have recently decided they need to move closer to Austin's Recruiting office over an hour away, so she's going to look at rentals. They own their house (used to be my grandparent's house) here and they don't want to get rid of it so they are going to rent it out. Long story I don't have time to get into. More on that later.
I've been doing my Fall decorating all week. I love fall. Even though the weather is warm it still feels like fall in the air. I'm ready. And you know how one thing leads to another! So I ended up cleaning as I changed out summer "things" for fall "things". Then I got into window cleaning, which I hate. Then I couldn't just leave one window clean because the one next to it looked even dirtier, and so on and so on.
We have my cousin and family coming into town tomorrow . They always stay at our house, which I look forward to. They're not going to the family reunion because they want to spend the free weekend visiting with my grandparents in the nursing home.
I'm hoping to fit in a quick trip to the monthly summers only flea market. I haven't been to one yet and this is my last chance.
Well, it's Friday night and I try to reserve Friday nights for My Bob. He feels I don't pay enough attention to him. I don't know why he thinks that!! So I better get off this computer real quick. There's the rambling update and I hope I have more time next week. My grandson baby sitting won't start until the following week now.
Oops, he's coming downstairs, gotta g----.


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