Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful That Christmas Trees are Done

Oh my, I'm getting tired.  A very content kind of weary.  I finished my Christmas decorating today.  I put away all the boxes and vacuumed and swept the mess left on the floors.  The only minor details left are some new fake poinsetta bushes for the window boxes outside the second floor windows and some adapters that are needed for the outside extension cords.  That's on my schedule for tomorrow, along with a haircut in the morning and Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping.
 There will only be four of us for dinner this Thanksgiving.  I usually have around ten to thirteen.  Now with son #2 and family in Spokane, son #1 and family in Germany for ten days,  Grandma and Grandpa now in the nursing home, that just leaves my Mom and Dad and My Bob and me.  The four of us are also leaving the day after Thanksgiving to visit the kids in Spokane.  Packing for that trip is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  My Bob suggested that with so much going on we should order out or eat out for our Thanksgiving dinner just this once.  I just can't do that! I love preparing Thanksgiving dinner.  I love the smells and watching the parades on TV while I cook.  My biggest challenge is going to be in trying to prepare small portions.  I'm not used to that.
Because of the Spokane trip is the reason I had to (wanted to) get all the decorating finished before we leave.  As I promised earlier, I have pictures.  I just have to say, though, that after looking at the pictures I don't think they do justice to the real thing.  It's hard to get a picture with all the lights lit and have it turn out good. 

This is my Victorian tea room tree.

My dining room tree - all crystal and gold

Angel tree outside my bedroom

Shoe and purse tree in my loft

Living Room tree in gold, burgundy and old fashioned blown glass ornaments.
(I think this tree is leaning now that I see it in a picture.  Note to self - fix that)

This is my foyer - with flash

Foyer - without flash

I didn't get pictures of the front porch tree or outside yet.  Not quite finished there.
So that's my Christmas tour so far.  Will show more of the tour later, that doesn't involve the trees.
I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  I am very blessed.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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