Friday, September 11, 2009

I Still Remember

Here we are, Friday again, and I don't have much time. But I had to take a few minutes to remember 9/11. It's still a sad day every year and in remembering back eight years ago I could still cry. Even though I didn't personally know anyone that lost their life that day in this horrible, senseless tragedy, my heart aches for those that did. I can only imagine how the families of fallen loved ones from that day must feel on each anniversary of 9/11.
I pray that we may never have to experience anything like this in the United States again. No country should ever go through something like that, but some do all the time and it becomes their way of life. No one should have to live a life with those fears.
I am so thankful for the United States Military and their sacrifice. I am so proud of my two sons that are currently in the United States Air Force.
Let there be peace on Earth!


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