Monday, September 21, 2009

How Many T.V.'s Do Two People Need?

We played musical televisons all day Saturday. Here's how it started. My Mom and Dad wanted to get rid of their entertainment wall unit because they wanted to get a big fireplace/TV stand for a new, big 52" flat screen TV. Mom just didn't know what to do with the big wall unit. So I got to thinking about our finished basement "grandma's room" and after doing some measuring I thought it would look nice on our red wall down there. But then we had to get rid of an antique dresser and little TV stand. Well, Mom agreed, so we borrowed a truck and first moved the dresser and little TV stand back over to Mom's house. Luckily they only live 3 miles away from us. She put the dresser in her guest room and it looks really nice. The TV stand is now in storage. Here's how our wall looked before. My Bob started moving furniture before I got a real good picture, so I made him stop for a minute and at least got a picture of the back of the dresser. Then Dad and Bob had to make three trips to get the wall unit over to our house. After a lot of other re-arranging, here's how it turned out. We were real happy with it. We are now going to get our antique maple furniture (used to be my grandmother's) recovered. Waiting for the upholstery guy to show up. We also had bright plaid valances on the windows that don't look right now so I took those down and want to get just some shear scarves for the two windows to let the light in. Even though it's a basement, it's ground level in the back of the house so it doesn't feel like a basement.

Now the smaller TV that was in the basement looked too little for the wall unit and since Mom and Dad are now getting that new 52"er, we brought over their old big TV to go back into the unit. As you can see, this is much better.
We moved the smaller TV that was in the basement up to the kids/guest room. The TV that was in there was very small and old and you couldn't even hook a DVD player up to it. Which is just beyond comprehension to my grandsons. So now they are thrilled The little TV that was in the kids' room is now in our storage room. Anybody need a TV? We seem to have an extra.
Now what you need to know is that most of the time it is just My Bob and I in this house. Although we aren't alone so much in the house as we used to be. The kids are here a lot and we have a lot of guests, and Mom and Dad are here a lot when they take their boat on the lake. Keeping that in mind, here's the TV in the living room.

And the little new flat screen in the kitchen.

The one in our bedroom.

Of course, I have to have one in my sewing room.

Now it's time for Dancing With the Stars, so I'm going from the kitchen up to my sewing room to sew or knit something while I watch. It's a good thing I can multi-task! I am a TV junkie. Can you tell?

By the way, Mom and Dad bought their new fireplace/TV stand Saturday night and bought their new TV on Sunday afternoon. Everybody's happy.


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