Monday, October 11, 2010

Long Catch Up - Part 1

I'm back.  It's been a very long and tiring six weeks.  Good things, not so good, very happy, very sad.  So much has happened that there is no way to even remember it all, let alone write about it all.  I did manage to post  updates almost daily on Facebook via my phone,  so I thought what a good way to put it all together.  So here we go., starting August 24:

I leave tomorrow for Spokane and so far baby boy Knox is waiting for me. I really don't have the time to be sitting at the computer right now, but wanted you all to know why you won't hear much from me for 3 weeks. I hope Bob, my dogs, and Mom get along OK without me! LOL

Sitting in Denver airport. Baby boy Knox is still waiting for me to get there.

August 26 at 12:12pm via Mobile Web

I'm in Spokane and all is good. Dee still pregnant, Riley still adorable, and Brandon's 28th birthday is today. Going to Couer d'Alene to Texas Roadhouse for dinner

August 27 at 11:21am via Mobile Web

Still no baby. Great dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We thought last night Dee was feeling contractions but she thinks she just ate too much. I'll hang Riley's curtains today.

August 28 at 11:17am via Mobile Web

No baby yet. Made french toast for all for breakfast. Put roast in the crockpot for dinner. I am also now Brandon's official gardner. Got a hose & sprinkler as yard is completely burned from hot summer & no rain. Also trimmed the bushes. Think I need another hose for back yard.

August 29 at 1:31pm via Mobile Web

(From my mother) Didn't realize you would be on facebook while you are away. I see you are sitting around with nothing to do.ha ha Everything is quiet here except for Bob's car problems. Might have to take him to Indiana tomorrow to take back Austins car. Brad will be here tomorrow. We think Grandpa will be in a wheelchair soon. His legs are giving out. (so are mine) It's a beautiful day. Someone should cut the grass. I love you and miss you.

August 30 at 10:32am

No, not yet! Dee and I just taking it easy today. My guess is Wednesday is going to be the day. Doing a little cleaning today just because that is what I do on Mondays!

August 30 at 3:50pm via Mobile Web

Going w/ Dee to Dr. appt. Should give us an idea of how this baby is coming along. Then if she's able we're going to Target, lunch and grocery store.

August 31 at 10:13am via Mobile Web

Dee's dr.appt. yesterday went well. All systems ready and good to go for baby's birth. Dr. estimated within 48 hours and that was 24 hours ago. I think maybe we'll take a walk today and maybe a session of jumping jacks. If nothing happens she'll be induced on Friday. He is now officially going to be a Sept. baby.

September 1 at 11:50am via Mobile Web

Looks like baby will be induced tomorrow. He just doesn't seem to want to come on his own. Dee didn't want to be induced but now doesn't care. It's a beautiful day so I think we'll go for a walk. Still watering the grass and just hung the American flag on the front porch. Dee and Brandon's little house is so cute.

September 2 at 12:59pm via Mobile Web

My 5th grandchild was born at 12:25 this morning! Didn't have to be induced. Yay! Heath David Knox weighs 8 lbs., 19-1/2" long. Diana & baby are great. Riley & I are waiting for Brandon to pick us up to meet baby brother.

September 3 at 12:19pm via Mobile Web


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