Friday, November 20, 2009

Making a List and Checking it Twice

My "To Do" list is getting long.  I'm trying not to get overwhelmed.  My problem is that I'm slow.  What would take a normall person one hour to do, takes me three hours.  I am very particular, I get distracted, and I sometimes have what I call "paralyzation by analyzation".  I make lists to try to keep myself on track.  I wanted to write about it, which takes time, so decided to kill two birds with one stone and post my "to do" list.  That should really keep me accountable.

1) Finish decorating the last of six Christmas trees by the end of the day. (I'll have pictures of them all when I'm done)
2) Dust and vacuum as I go
3) Clean the guest bedroom and bathroom for weekend guests getting in tonight.  It's my cousin and family and I always enjoy when they are here. 
4) Buy butter for cookies I need to bake for girlfriend's clothing party tomorrow
5) Clean little powder bathroom - DONE
6) Make arrangements for dogs with doggy sitter for next Friday while we're in Spokane for a week. - DONE
7) Finish knitting neck warmer that's almost done and make at least one more pincushion for Open House art show on Sunday
8) Should brush my teeth and wash my hair just so I'm not so disgusting for hubby and guests.
9) Finish garland and lights on foyer railing
10)  Put away more Fall decorations.

OK, lunch time is over, so back to work.  This little list will help me.  I plan on the remaining 8 items being done before I go to bed.  I wouldn't normally be rushing the Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving like this, but we are leaving for Spokane to see Son @2 and family the day after Thanksgiving.  We'll be gone for a week and I don't want to have to do it when I get home.  I like it to be done no later than Thanksgiving weekend so I can spend the month of December enjoying my efforts.  I love to sit in the living room in the evenings in December, with a glass of wine, with all the Christmas lights on, a fire in the fireplace, and Christmas music playing.  Even if I'm all by myself, nothing feels more comfy and cozy and content.


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