Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Picture and a Hug are Worth a Thousand Words

Picture and Thought for the week:

This just makes me think of my Hubby with our grandchildren.  He is very well loved by them all.
This is from my new 2011 Mary Engelbreit calendar.

  I love calendars. They serve me as a journal as well as a great organizational tool. I sometimes will write notes about what happened on a particular day or the weather for that day.  Then I save my calendars to be able to look back on.
 I love to be able to look at the week and know at a glance what I have to do and where I have to be.  When I turn the page to a new week and see that it's blank it feels so good.  I am very much a homebody.  I know so many people that say they would be bored if they just stayed home all the time, but not me.  I have so many hobbies and projects and I love my home to be organized and clean and decorated.  But if I know ahead that I have to be somewhere or do something, then I can plan around that and stay organized.

I know, very OCD!  And it gets worse the older I get!

Anyway, I just love my new calendar.  


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