Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This 'n That for Today

This was a good day. Any day that I can just "putz" around the house, cleaning, fixing, decorating, blogging, and just doing my thing, is a good day. I didn't have to leave the house to go anywhere. I hate to have to leave the house. The whole day is interrupted and I feel like I don't get anything done. You can't get into any projects and you're always looking at the clock.

I also got caught up on some work. Real work, the kind that helps bring in some money. I work with my husband whose office is in our home.

I cleaned all my floors. We have so much dog hair all over the place now. It's from Layla, my son's dog that is living with us temporarily. She's a Sharpay/Golden Retriever mix. Beautiful dog, but she sheds and is scratching all the time right now with allergies. The dog hair is driving this clean freak crazy.

I was able to finish my new window box project. I've been wanting to get this done since last fall.
I had the window boxes since then, but I needed my very busy husband to put them up for me. And they had to be drilled into brick. So a couple of weeks ago he borrowed the neighbors drill, went to Lowe's and bought special drill bits. It was not an easy job. I got the cutest picture of Layla and Bob at the windows he was working on. Layla misses her "daddy" and clings to "grandpa" as next best thing.

Today I finally had the chance to get flowers into the boxes. Little secret, though. They're not real. They're up so high I'm hoping you can't tell, and if I put real ones in it would have been too difficult to keep watered, then water would have dripped down the bricks. Besides that, I would have had to wait even longer to get real flowers in because annuals just aren't ready here yet.
All the flowers in my gardens are purple and pink.

The purple hydrangeas bloomed last week and are beautiful in front of the house, but unfortunately they don't last long. I think early next week will be the end of them.

I made just a light dinner of tuna sandwiches. I've been eating way too much since winter. I hope it starts getting warmer soon because I won't have the desire so much for the cold weather comfort food.
Then I settled in after a nice bath for American Idol. I'm obsessed with it. I won't plan anything or answer the phone when it's on. This sounds crazy when I actually write about it, but oh well, who cares? My pick is Adam Lambert.
It was a nice day.


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