Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Work or Not To Work

First off, I'm linking to a new Blog Hop that was started today by ""Capers of the Vintage Vixens" .  http://capersofthevintagevixens.blogspot.com/  I'm linking up my Etsy Shop, which I really have not been very active with lately.  It's such a fun hobby and most of what I make I usually give away to family or as gifts.
For those interested in Buying or Selling, this is what it is about.

Every Tuesday  they will dedicate their blog to: Sellers and Buyers. We are so excited about it!!! This is how it works: First grab yourself a cup of tea and sit back and get ready for some fun.

For those of you who have an online boutique, etsy, or other web-based store you can advertise here FOR FREE! At the bottom of this post  you will notice the "linky". Click on "Click Here to Enter", fill in your store's web address and image. Then "Get the Code" and post it to your blog every Tuesday! It is a Blog Hop, so your site will be advertised on blogs around the world.WorldWide! 

For you who love to shop, this is where you will find the best deals and most unique things. From vintage to antique to handmade. Something for everyone and sure to be lots of fun. And if you like it... let your friends know :-)

I've also been debating the idea of starting a new business venture.  I've been retired from my own insurance business for over 7 years now and I really enjoy staying at home and doing my thing.  Then we moved into a new, big house,  my sons' got married and 5 grandchildren came along. So I've been busy and I still enjoy it all, but I'm thinking now that I'm very capable of doing something that would make me a little more of my own money.  Here's the catch and the reason for my hesitation.  I want to work when I want to work; I don't like to leave my house; I want to be able to visit my grandchildren whenever I want; I want to be free to travel whenever I want; you get the picture!  So I've been keeping my mind open for a while now to anything that might fit into my requirements and schedule.  Yes, I want my cake and eat it too!  At least I'm very lucky enough to not HAVE to work, although the extra money would be very nice and relieve Hubby from having to bear all the stress and responsibility.

I know I'm maybe looking for the impossible, but I MAY have found something that's close to measuring up.  It's ACN - It's a tele-communications service provider that was featured last year by Donald Trump on the Celebrity Apprentice and will be featured again on his show in March.  I won't go into explaining all about it, but here is a web site if anyone is curious.  http://www.acninc.com/

If anyone has any comments on this, or personal experience with ACN, or just can relate to my inner debate, I'd be interested to hear about it.

In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy my home, family, grandkids, and Etsy hobby.  It's just that a little extra of my own spending money might be nice, too!


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