Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Packing Up 93 Years

I'm tired, so this will be a quick one.
Tomorrow is the day that we move my grandparents, both age 93, from the Assisted Living to the Nursing Home. This is hard stuff, physically and emotionally. They are going from a two room suite into a one room hospital type room. Two years ago, we moved them from a 3 bedroom house into the Assisted Living Suite and that was difficult to do.
My mother and I packed up knick knacks, pictures, clothes, dishes, etc. and most of these life long personal belongings are headed off to Goodwill. It's so hard to do this. To wittle down a couple's life of 93 years to fit into one room and 4 drawers and two feet of closet space. We spend our whole life accumulating, fixing up a house, collecting albums of family pictures, buying new and better furniture, buying china, upgrading your china, buying jewelry, upgrading your jewelry --- you get the idea. Then you are so lucky? to live to 93 years old and be so blessed to be celebrating your 73rd wedding anniversary, and then your family has to clean out your whole life of belongings and pack away or haul away. It's hard and it hurts. We are trying to keep as much as we can, but we're midway or so into the accumulating phase of our own lives now. So in 30-40 years (if we are so lucky?) our kids can take all of our "stuff" to Goodwill. Anyway, makes you think and ponder!
Tomorrow is moving day. Mom and I are going to make the "new space" as pretty and comfortable as we possibly can. Using as much of their own furniture as will fit and hanging as many family pictures that we can.

And baby update - daughter in law, Diana, shows all signs that baby could come any minute. She's started to dilate, lost a little weight, baby's in position and dropped a lot, lots of pressure in the pelvis, and a little blood showing today. I told her tonight or tomorrow was just a little too busy and if she could hold off another day that would be great. My son, Brandon, her husband, is stationed in Spokane (Air Force) and will be home on Friday for 15 days for parental leave. If baby would wait until Friday late afternoon that would be perfect. Whatever happens, happens, though, and we have a very busy few days or so ahead of us.

OK, I've got to get to bed. This went on longer than I thought. Good night!


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