Monday, July 13, 2009

Spokane or Bust

This is our last week with Dee (DIL) and Baby Riley. Their moving day to Spokane is Sunday, July 26. They are flying to Spokane with Dee's mother. Brandon, my son, is already there. He drove their car along with Layla, their dog, about six weeks ago. You may be wondering, how is their furniture and belongings getting there. That's what parents are for. My Bob and Dee's father are picking up and loading the U-Haul on Saturday and Sunday morning My Bob and I are truckin' it out to Spokane. Keep in mind, we live in Pennsylvania. It's a 36 hour drive, and that's by car. So I have a feeling it will take us a little longer. Bob says we're doing it in three days. I'm looking forward to it really. Now those that know me say they can't believe I would ride in a truck for that long, but I look forward to the adventure. Many of the states we'll be going through I have never seen and my son said it was a very pretty drive. Brandon, the Air Force Survival Trainer, just stopped at night at rest stops and rolled out his sleeping bag in the back of his Jeep, Layla (sharpay, retriever mix) stood guard at the window, and they had no problems. As his mother, I shudder to think of what Brandon and the Jeep smelled like when they arrived in Spokane. I'm not willing to experience the adventure to that degree. We'll be stopping at hotels along the way. Brandon got an apartment the day he arrived. He had researched houses and apartments for rent over the internet and had the appointment to see this particular apartment that looked the nicest on the day he arrived and rented it and moved in that evening. Now again, keep in mind, the only thing he had to move in was Layla, a sleeping bag, a towel, and a toothbrush. Again I shudder the thought. He tells me it's a very nice apartment in a very nice neighborhood and I'm going to love it. Of course, it's really only important that he and Dee love it, but he knows how his mother is. If it's a dump in a bad neighborhood I would never be able to sleep at night. He assures me otherwise. So here's what I'm really looking forward to; seeing Brandon again, I miss him a lot, seeing Spokane for the first time, and setting up the apartment for Dee and Riley to come home to. That includes a good cleaning and vacuuming first, of course. I can only imagine after six weeks! I taught both my boys how to clean, but sometimes I don't think males have the gene that sees dirt and clutter. It amazes me.
Dee, also known as Diana, will be back tomorrow morning from her weekend in Pittsburgh, and we will need to finish packing up their things. We have the U-Haul reserved. Note to self, call U-Haul to make sure it has air conditioning and DVD or CD player. I'm getting some books on tape and a portable CD player, if truck doesn't have one, and I'm going to the yarn store this week to stock up on some yarn so I have a few projects to work on while travelling. Just got off the phone with the doggie sitter making arrangements for Ellie Mae and Fergie. Talked to the neighbor about watering my flowers. Spoke to my mother about coming by to feed Callie the cat. Dee will stay here until next Thursday when she goes back down to her mother's in Pittsburgh, so she'll take care of things until then.
Bob and I will be flying back home on Monday, the 27th. That's going to be a very difficult day for me. I hate saying goodby, especially to my kids and grandkids and especially when they'll be so far away. Bob already told me we could go back to visit for Thanksgiving. I just don't want to talk about that part anymore.
Brandon and Dee are very excited about starting their new life together, in their own place, with his new job, and their new baby. I'm very happy for them, they are both great young adults. And I'll survive just knowing they're happy.
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