Sunday, May 22, 2011

Judgement Day Didn't Ruin Our Weekend

Well, I guess somebody misjudged Judgement Day!  Who comes up with this stuff anyway!  I have to admit, though, that just a minuscule little part of my brain had this fleeting thought of, "What if?".  I'm glad we're still here.  You know me, I just have way too much still to do!

Friday we drove the 1-1/2 hour drive to watch Logan in his 20 minute kindergarten end of year choral program. We wouldn't have missed it.  It was so cute!  Logan seems to love to perform.  He did a great job.  One thing you notice right away, ( second to how cute he is) is that he can not stand still.  But that's OK.  At least he's not a lifeless lump standing up there!
Logan's in the red T-shirt.

They were supposed to make a face!  He got into it!

He kept looking at us, knowing we were taking his picture

We picked up pizza and went back to Austin and Melissa's house after the program to visit with all the kids for a little while.  Then we headed back for the 1-1/2 hour drive home.  I've found that I don't mind the drive time at all anymore because I take my knitting and get a lot done in the car.

I knew on Friday that Saturday was going to be a beautiful day.  All the weather reports were saying so.  We've had so few of them to date that I was planning my whole day around it.   Hubby had wanted to bring Leanna home with us on Friday since we're going back down there again today for Landen's dance recital.  I had to stand my ground and announce that my firm plan was to work outside all day on Saturday.  Hubby even suggested that I just put Leanna in her walker out in the driveway while I worked!  Give me a break!  I adore her, but I'm not doing that!  

Saturday we woke up to the beautiful day I was expecting.  My plan was to clean out the rest of the weeds and leaves from the bushes in the front of the house.  And there's a lot.  Before I started, I got on the phone trying to find an available painter that would power wash and stain our back deck.  I was only leaving messages and no one was even answering the phone.  Why are contractors so hard to get a hold of?  I guess they're all so busy in this bad economy, huh?  Finally, Hubby said, "I'll just do it myself.  No use paying someone hundreds of dollars".  I thought, "Oh great - he's going to rush through this and not do it the way I want it done".  Of course, a job that he does is always a job that we do when it comes to a lot of projects like this.  He told me to clean the deck while he went to Lowe's for stain.  I did, because I wanted it done!  But that threw me off my weed and leaf cleaning schedule.  
After some frustration and yelling at each other (nothing too harsh) he finally got to staining the deck in the back while I went to work on my project in the front.  By the end of the day his job was all done and mine was partially done, but I felt good about our accomplishment for a day's work.  We both have sore backs today, but saved money.  It was worth it.   Just a side note - not one of those painters I called have yet to return my phone call!   And I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of us working so hard out in the sun, but it didn't even enter my mind.  I'm always mad at myself for missed photos like that!
Anyway, after a glass of iced tea, I then poured myself a glass of wine at 5:55 and sat for 5 minutes sipping my wine, wondering what was going to happen at 6:00 for Judgement Day.  Nothing!  Absolutely nothing!  It was a good day!

Now we're back to a rainy, gloomy  Sunday.  It would be so nice to have at least two days in a row of nice weather.   Now I need to get dressed and ready for another 1-1/2 hour drive down to the kids' house for 5 year old Landen's dance recital.  He wanted to take dance lessons this year instead of gymnastics and I understand that he's the only boy in the class.  This should be another cute picture day!  And more knitting to get done! 


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