Saturday, October 16, 2010

Long Catch Up - Part 3

Still catching everyone up to date from my trip to Spokane, the birth of my newest grandchild and so much more.  Currently, things are settling slowly and some new rules and changes to our lives are being implemented by me.  I just can't live at this pace comfortably.  I want to get back to Bob and me enjoying our good life and actually becoming a little more selfish with our time.  I believe we all have the power to create the life we want and should not feel guilty about making it good.  Learning how to say "NO" more often will go a long way in accomplishing this.

(Continued from previous post):
Went downtown Spokane yesterday and walked around the beautiful Park. Bob proudly pushed the kids in the double stroller. The babies were very good. Ate dinner at P.F. Changs. Was so good.
September 14 at 7:51pm via Mobile Web

(Outside of P.F. Changs)

At the Spokane airport waiting to board to Phoenix and then to Pitt. Awfully hard leaving Dee and the babies. Have to say quick good-byes so as not to get emotional.
September 15 at 10:41am via Mobile Web

In Phoenix. Waiting to board for Pitt. Then the 2-1/2 home. Miss my house and dogs. Nephew Kyle now living with us for a while. Hoping all is under control as well as can be expected with me being gone for 3 weeks.
September 15 at 2:46pm via Mobile Web

Got home late Wed. night. Logged onto computer on Thurs. night and a virus shut it down. Another week computerless. Kinda getting used to it. Don't think I like computers anymore.
September 19 at 10:17am via Mobile Web

(Sunday evening, September 19, I had a 23rd birthday dinner for Kyle.  I know he enjoyed and appreciated it.)

(From Sunday, September 26 through Friday, October 1, I went to my other kids' home an hour and a half away to help Austin with the kids while Melissa was away at her week of Reserve's training.  Of course, Austin was home in the evenings, but at work during the day.  Thank goodness he was able to drop off and pick up the boys from school and was able to help with bath and bed time at night)

Not so tired today. Leanna, my beautiful 3 mo. old granddaughter, and I are getting used to each other. With both boys in school all day {Pre-K and Kinder.} I can handle it pretty good. Also fixing up my little mother in law apt. here at Austin and Melissa's house. Making it cute and cozy.
September 29 at 12:44am via Mobile Web

On a sad note - my grandpa not doing well at all . He'll be 95 on 10/28. He's not going to make it. He's had a good life and because of him, so do I! He's tired now and misses Grandma. It's been 6 mos. since she passed on.
September 29 at 12:52am via Mobile Web

‎3 kids, 2 dogs, cooking, cleaning and laundry is a lot of work! How did I ever raise two boys and work a full time job? I know what you're all thinking: I was a lot younger then. Back home - Bob's "Kyle Project" as we have come to call it, still happening and Grandpa still barely with us. No relaxing in my near future.
September 29 at 11:10pm via Mobile Web

(From my niece in Cincinnati) Love you Aunt Nina.. thinking about you and your grandpa! Remember to take some time for yourself while you are helping everyone else! How is Kyle doing??
September 29 at 11:16pm via Facebook for Android

Gross!! I just ate an Entenmann's choc. chip multi grain cereal bar and bit into a chunk of black plastic. I feel sick to my stomach just because of the disgust factor.
September 29 at 11:18pm via Mobile Web

Melissa's home, kids are in bed. Austin making a hot dog run to Sheetz. I told him to get me one too. What the heck! I would never think of doing such a thing at home.
September 30 at 9:40pm via Mobile Web

(On Friday afternoon, Bob came to pick me up along with the two boys to go back home.  Melissa now has to be away for the weekend for Reserves.  Austin is coming to our house on Saturday along with the baby and the two dogs so he can attend the wedding of one of his best friends from high school.  They all left on Sunday.  I don't know how much more of this I can do!)


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