Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

I didn't plan on posting again today.  This is a work (as in a job) day for me.  But since I work from home and for my Hubby, I sort of took a little detour on the computer, got a little side tracked (as I do quite often), and found this Tea Cup Tuesday party here at Martha's Favorites, and I couldn't resist.

I have a large tea cup collection and a lot of related items, so I thought how perfect and fun.
Here is my little spot of tea corner in my tea/piano parlor.

This is the little tea cup that I'm going to show today.

  I've grown my collection into demitasse cups.  I just think they are so cute and delicate. Notice my coaster has a tea cup and pot on it.  I was lucky enough for several years to travel to Europe while my parents were living there for about six years.  I was able to find several cups on my travels.

It's very fine and delicate.  I keep it in a glass curio cabinet along with my other more delicate cups.  This one was from the Czech Republic.  The writing on the bottom is so small I can hardly read it.
It's Rosa Porcelain, hand painted.

I have a lot more to show so I'm glad to find this party and look forward to next Tuesday!


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