Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cross Country Trip to Spokane, Part 3

Gotta keep movin', not there yet. Now - Tuesday, July 21

We woke up in our little campground in the Badlands to a beautiful morning. The owners of this little place cook up a pancake breakfast and the pancakes are made from a 100 year old starter sourdough. That's what they claimed, anyway. They were very good. I only had a bite. Too early for me to eat. It's now 7:00 am Mountain Time.

We continued the scenic drive through the Badlands back up to 90W, and into a small frontier little town of Wall, South Dakota. Now, we had been seeing signs clear across South Dakota for Wall Drug Store. Billboard after billboard advertising everything Wall Drug Store had to offer. So I told Bob that we just had to stop to see what the big deal is. And it was worth it. The Drug Store took up about the whole little town of Wall. It looked just like an old frontier village. Bob got a South Dakota T-shirt and I got moccasins.

It's only 10:00 am and we're now into Rapid City and Mount Rushmore. This was unbelievable. It was quite amazing that someone could carve that into a mountain. We didn't want to take the time to actually go into the park, but we had a wonderful view from the road.

I just happened to get the flag right in the middle. I didn't even know I did that. Pretty cool, huh?

Outside of Rapid City, on the other side of Mt. Rushmore was another darling little town called Hill City. We ate lunch at the cutest little German looking restaurant called the Alpine Inn. The food was delicious. For desert we had homemade creme brulee, our favoite. Then we ordered a piece of raspberry tort pie to go because it also looked good. (And it was, a few hours later)
This was carved and painted in the wall in the ladies room. I just thought it was neat and had to take a picture. I wanted to remember these words.

We walked around the little shops to use up some calories and Bob bought me a coral and silver ring. I just love him!

This horse was outside the jewelry story and was made out of all types of different metals. Isn't it pretty?



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