Monday, March 21, 2011

The Easter Parade in My Home

I was lucky enough to be able to spend the whole weekend at home so I got my Easter decorating done.  It was sunny all weekend, although not very warm, so it just felt right to be getting out the lighter colors and putting away the dark green.

I finished the front stoop and doorway.
I put Easter eggs on my little tree and flowers and vines above the door. I usually bring this little tree inside about now, but decided to maybe leave it out with seasonal decorations until it's warm enough to put a real flower planter there.

My entrance foyer table got it's Easter makeover.
 I made the little quilted pillows.  They are actually for sale in my Etsy shop here.

The Easter quilt is hanging on my quilt hanger in the upstairs hallway.

I made this several years ago.  The egg and flower baskets are hand appliqued and the quilting is hand done.

 It's one of my favorites.  It only hangs out for a couple of months a year.

My dining room looks so lighter and brighter now with  the light green tablecloth replacing the dark burgundy that was there all winter.

The little spring quilt in the center is one I also made several years ago.

It's a mosaic style to form a wreath in the middle.  I embellished it with ribbon and beads and lace on the inner border.  I hand quilted the border only on this one.

The buffet server is all set.

 The little wire tree was made for me by a very good friend.  It's made from wire coat hangers.

The eggs sitting on the cake servers were made by me a long time ago.  Many have broken over the years.  Some are ceramic from my ceramic days.  This was my hobby at the time I was pregnant with my oldest son. He'll be 30 in a few weeks.

The rest are just decorated shells.  The yolks have been blown out by carefully putting a hole in one end and sucking it out through a straw.  It was a lot of work and not easy.  I did that one year and never felt like doing it again.  Maybe some day I'll give it another shot.

Most of the little ceramic bunnies were made by my mother in her ceramic days.

It's early yet and I haven't been to JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts for a few weeks, so there will probably still be some additions to the decor.  For now, I'm satisfied! The inside of the house feels a little sunnier, even it it's not so much outside.

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