Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Skies Still Dark, Mood Brighter

Today felt much better than yesterday, as I knew it would. My Bob was much calmer and into his work week groove, as I knew he would be. After almost 30 years of marriage you just know the best way to deal with each other and hang onto the saying, "This, too, shall pass". The longer you're married, the better you become at reading and handling the needs and moods of your spouse; or is it, the better you are at reading and handling the needs and moods of your spouse, the longer you stay married? Either way, it has worked well for us.

Today is Tuesday, so half the day was spent working in my "office", as part time office assistant for My Bob. Thought you may want to see my "office". It's a great corner office with a great view, and comes complete with a full kitchen. Ha Ha. I have my little antique desk, file drawer and printer set up in the corner of my breakfast nook. When I'm done working, I close up the desk, file all the papers, and my kitchen's back in order. It's a great set up and I know I'm very fortunate to be able to have it this way.
After lunch, our neighbor asked if we had any use for some left over gravel that he had in his pick up truck. He's had to tear out and now rebuild part of his patio because it sunk about 4 inches after the winter. My Bob appreciated the offer because he needed to fill in some sink holes that develop every year out on our little peninsula in the lake. The muskrats and the water digs away at it from underneath. Here's Bob and Corky, the neighbor, shoveling the gravel into our wheelbarrow. My Bob always feels good after some physical activity, so this was a welcome break. I do mostly all of the yard work, but the heavy lifting stuff I have to leave to Bob.
Thank goodness they got this little project done just in time, because guess what? You got it, as usual, it started to rain. And not just a little bit. It poured, and the wind blew, and so much hail came down my back deck looked like it was covered with ice cubes. That storm didn't last too long, although it has continued to sprinkle the rest of the day. Bob came down stairs from his office, walked into the dining room and yells into the kitchen at me, "What happened in here?" There was water all over the floor in front of the bay window. And it didn't come in through the window. It was dripping from behind the molding on the ceiling. Great! It's always something, isn't it? But you know what, surprisingly neither one of us got too worked up. We remained calm, I cleaned up the mess, and we'll have to get someone to take a look to find the problem. It's not leaking any more, even though it's still raining. The strong wind must have done it. We'll get it fixed. "This, too, shall pass". (My new mantra)

The puddle was on the floor right under the plants. You can see the sudden water stains on the ceiling, but thank goodness it was on hardwood and not carpeting. I guess you need to look at the positive.


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