Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Interrupted My Bermuda Trip

I posted Day 3 of our Bermuda Trip yesterday, but now it's gone.  It was filled with pictures from St. George and took me a lot of time to write it up.  Gone!  This is so frustrating.  I understand that Blogger is still working on restoring lost posts so I'm hoping it's back up soon.  I hate to take the time to re-write the post, get it all done again, and then they put my original one back up!
So, I worked outside today to get away from this darn computer.  Sometimes you just have to do that!  I have so much to do outside that a little bit each day makes a difference pretty quick.
I'm still dealing with a little bit of a sore throat.  This is going on the second week now.  I would be concerned, but it is actually much better.  Just a lingering annoyance now.
Hubby is picking up our granddaughter, Leanna, to spend the weekend with us.

This is her mother's Air Force Reserve weekend and we thought it would help her daddy out if he only had her two older brothers for the weekend.  So they are having a "boys only" weekend and I get some alone time with my little sweetie pie!
My cousin and his family are also coming over from Harrisburg this evening to spend the weekend with us.  They have a wedding to go to tomorrow and we love having them at our "Lake Château", as they have come to call my home.
Now I can't end the day without commenting on American Idol last night!  I'm addicted to this show and am always amazed at undiscovered young talent and how they progress through the months.  But last night was a total disappointment.  My favorite, James Durbin, was voted off.  How could this happen?  He has so much talent and I couldn't help but be drawn to his back story.  He has turrets syndrome and mild autism, he's married with a young son, and you can tell he just  worked so hard for this and wanted this so bad.  It just broke my heart!  I know he'll still do very well from his exposure on this show and I hope all the best for him. Remember his name, even if you're not an American Idol fan, because I know we'll all be hearing more about him.
Since I have a few more hours to myself before the welcome onslaught of relatives, I think I'll get a much needed shower, get something to eat, and maybe bake some chocolate chip cookies!  I might have to check with Blogger off and on (even though I told myself to now turn off the computer for the night)  to look for my missing post!  My OCD (Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder) is struggling with me again!


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