Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'll Be Back

Hey all, did you miss me?  We've had a very busy life these past few weeks.  Here's a quick summary and I'll give details later:  June 16, went to  Spokane to see Brandon graduate from Survival School; Brandon, Dee and Riley came home four days later following us and Riley was baptized on Sunday, June 27; newest granddaughter born to Austin and Melissa on Monday, June 28;  I spent three days at Austin's house to help with the house and the boys; brought the boys home with me on Wednesday to spend the rest of the week; celebrated 4th of July here at home with whole family home for the long weekend; during the last week my computer was attacked by viruses and was in the computer hospital most of the week. 
I have plenty of pictures of it all, but now I'm so behind in everything that I'm so overwhelmed to get it all done.  And my house is a mess from all the activity and house full of kids.  It was very well worth it and a lot of fun, but now I have cleaning, laundry and my computer is still acting up.  Besides that, it's 100 degrees outside and my patience and tolerance is not good right now. 
Tomorrow we'll be going to a funeral of one of our good friends' father and Saturday is a wedding shower for the same friends. 
I'm up for about 3 days of solitude.  Don't see it happening any time soon.  Do you ever feel like locking the doors and not answering the phone?  Just for a few days!  Oh well, I'm just tired and will feel better tomorrow as long as nothing else happens before then.


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