Monday, November 29, 2010

My Christmas Parlor

I love decorating for Christmas! I'm very slow about it, though.  After 31 years of marriage and keeping a house and 31 years of Christmas decorating, I've gathered quite a few decorations.  So every year it takes me longer to get the job done, but I thoroughly enjoy the process.  With each box of decorations I bring out of the basement, I take out each and every bauble and bulb with excitement, partly because I forget what I have until I see it again!  For the past several years I've been putting up five trees.  The first one I always do is the Parlor/Tea Room/Piano Room tree.  It's my favorite.  And I leave it up until after March, changing some of the decorations for Valentine's and St. Patrick's.
This room is very frilly and  Victorian, so that is how the tree is done.  I use mostly pearls and lace.  Many of the decorations have come from Germany and Austria, where my parents lived for 6 years.  Mom doesn't put up a big tree anymore, so she passed her frilly European  pretties down to me.  
This angel topper came from Germany and Mom gave to me one Christmas years ago.  It hangs in my bedroom when she comes off the tree.

I like to use romantic tea pot and tea cup ornaments.  I've collected these over the years.

This is an antique fainting couch that my sister-in-law had and re-upholstered.  After she did some re-decorating of her house she couldn't use it but felt it would look perfect in my room, which it does, so she gave it to me.  I love it!  So does my little Fergie.  He's asleep curled up on the pillow.
This chair I bought at a local antique store and this darling little footstool I just couldn't pass up from a local boutique furniture store. The counted cross stitch "K" on the back of the chair I made.  The rug came from Europe.  Another hand me down from Mom.  Thank you, Mom!

I have a collection of antique vases and tea cups.  My favorite cups are the little demitasse ones.  A couple of them are Limoges.  The tea set on the little stand was given to me last Christmas by my son and DIL.  They had been to Germany to visit her mother and found this in an antique store.  It's a black rose design. 

My piano has also been handed down to me from my Grandma, to Mom, now to me.  It must be over 60 years old.  I took piano lessons on this piano when I was in elementary school.  We've replaced just about all the key hammers and pads.  It doesn't get used a lot, but I'll never give it up.  

The antique crystal candlesticks were given to me by a good friend last year for my birthday.  

I had made this piano cross stitch several years ago and it was just laying in a closet.  A few years ago I decided to incorporate it into a mini quilt.
I found some music themed border prints that I used.  The total size of this quilt is 17-1/2" square.
I also made this counted cross stitch picture a long time ago and had it matted and framed.

My decorating leans toward the busy side.  I call myself a neat and organized hoarder!  But all these things have meaning and a story and I would have a hard time getting rid of any of it.  

I hope you enjoyed my first Christmas tour.  I'm going to link this post to "Showing Off My Cottage Monday" hosted by Cielo.

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Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog. Your trees and decorations are charming. 5 trees is a lot of work. I have my hands full with one! Happy Holidays.

Denise said...

I only put up one tree and that is a lot of work.....couldn't imagine five trees. I tend to decorate with a "winter" theme and a few Christmas specific like a Nativity and Santas so it helps to break up the "picking up" stage.

Love the stories that go along with all of your treasures, be sure to write them down somewhere or better yet on a card that can be put on each item, I have some treasures from family that I don't have any "story" and I wonder about them.....also have many very old family photos with unidentified people wish I knew who they were :0(


Theresa said...

Oh my dear, what a gorgeous tree! I am working hard at it but it just takes time! I have my family piano and will have it forever! It is an antique high back and has been in our family forever! I LOVE the cross-stitch of the piano... WOW what an awesome piece! Have a bless evening my friend! HUGS!

DeanO said...

Wow, that's a lot of wonderful decorating. A joy to look at your photographs and handi-work. Well done and have a great Christmas season!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

You have collected lots of pretty things. It's great that you display and enjoy them.

Grandma Lizzie's House said...

Nina, your home looks beautiful. I especially love the counted cross-stitch. I love to cross-stitch but haven't done anything since i started graduate school.

Anonymous said...

Five trees, wow, you are my hero. I have only one big tree and one miniature tree this year. I still have one small tree packed away that I probably won't decorate.

What a beautiful antique looking tree. I love all your ornaments.

Valerie said...

I adore the Victorian elegance of your home and those tea sets are simply fabulous. You have a lovely home and all down to your superb creativity.

DJan said...

I remember last year being so impressed by your diligence. Glad to see you are still excited and hanging in there with your five trees. I look forward to seeing more!

Suzann said...

I am new to blogging and found your blog today!!!
I love the Christmas decorating and all your lovely things!!
I also love your cross stitch as I know how much work it goes into the stitching. I too love to cross stitch but I think it is a forgotten handi work and should be apreciated for the many hours that it involves.
Best Wishes for the Holiday!

The DIY Show Off said...

Everything looks so festive and so inviting and pretty. Great job! :)

Thanks so much for sharing your holidays in the DIY Holiday Highlights party. Nice to "meet" you!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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