Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Do We Blog?

I told myself I wanted to blog everyday.  I decided that if I would do it first thing, while I'm sitting with my first cup of coffee, before I checked email or Etsy, that would work out great.  I got up at 7:45, not bad, let the dogs out, fed the cat, made the bed, threw in a load of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, took a few pictures to download, got My Bob out the door with his bottle of water, apple, cell phone, and a package to deliver, now I'm ready and it's only 9:45.    I'm making progress.  The best news in all this is My Bob is on the road for the day.  You know how I love the day to myself. 
So here I sit at my computer, in my little kitchen office, and I'm so happy.

Why do I feel this obsession to blog?  I've been thinking about this.  Of course, anyone reading this is also most likely a blogger (still don't like that word, it isn't pretty).  Why do we do this and why do we love it?  I feel good after I write.  I feel more organized in my head.  So I guess one answer to this question for me is that I like to write.  That leads to another question:  why not just write in a journal and keep it to ourselves?  Why do we feel the need to put it "out there"?  We have strangers read about and look at our lives.  Now I don't feel like you are all strangers.  In fact, some of you are like good old friends and I love "talking" to you.  Is that why we do it?  To make new friends?  That wasn't my goal at all.  I even tell myself sometimes that I don't need any more friends in my life.  I enjoy my cyber friends now as much as my tangible (for lack of a better word) friends. I miss you if I don't hear from you.  Do we do this in order to stay in touch with family?  That's not it, either.  My immediate family doesn't even know I do this.  For some reason, I don't want them to know right now.  Maybe some day I'll surprise them with it, but not now.  Why?  I don't know.
Is this maybe like our own little reality show?  Maybe.  Although I would never want to be on one of those.  Why do people do that?  For the money would be one answer.  Well, that's certainly not the reason for blogging.  I guess there are some that actually do make money through ads on their site, but that's not happening for me right now either.
For me, I think the two reasons I do it is because, 1)  I like to write and "they" say you should write about what you know.  I know me and my life.  2) It is cathartic.  It calms and relaxes me and organizes all the thoughts in my head.
My other blog is for different reasons.  It's about my art and crafts and creations.  I like to share this.  It also keeps a record of what I'm doing from start to finish through pictures.  I then go back and look over my own blog to see what I've done, because I'm getting very forgetful the older I get.   Especially if I've sold something or given something away.
Here's my studio that I promised to show.

 Sorry these pictures are a little dark.  I should have edited them a little better.
This room gets very cluttered and it's the only room in my house that I feel good with the clutter.  I'm very much a neat freak in the rest of my house.  These pictures should also go up on my other blog, since this is where I make the things seen there.  I'll do that later.

As far as reading blogs, I know exactly why I like that.  I am amazed at the interesting and talented people out there.  The writing and pictures from most of you is better than most magazines and books. I love the insights, thoughts, and life coping skills that I read about.  I love seeing pictures from other's lives and pictures of other's homes and creations.  I feel like this is a secret little world, well, not so little, that those that don't know about are really missing out on.

So why do you blog?  And is there a different word we could use for it?


Lillian Robinson said...

I want to share. Good things are always better when shared with a friend. And I like the 'personal' touch. I can see faraway places on TV, but here, in Blogville, I know the people that live there!

You visit a friend in the Philippines in-between loads of laundry. When you see hand-made items, you know the heart its crafter put into it. That is wonderful!

Lisa said...

That's interesting, Nina. I wrote on the very same thing in September. I think all bloggers (ugh!) do a certain amount of navel gazing, wondering why we think the world might care what we think or have to say. Here is my post on why I blog:

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Every single day I used to check out the rooms on the Rate My Space website. I loved seeing all the beautiful spaces. I learned what was in style and what was out of style. I uploaded a couple of rooms of my own. Then people were leaving comments to go look at their blog. I clicked over and saw more of these lovely homes. Then RMS changed. People were uploading really awful rooms so they would get picked for a makeover. Some people were leaving rude remarks. I switched over to blogging, I think at a time when a lot of others were, too and for the same reason. I don't post every day, just when I have something I want to share.

Theresa said...

I think that I blog because it gives me someone to tell about my day! I love that I can show pictures to family members in real time versus in a month or never:) I have met so many wonderful people that I honestly consider my friends. I feel close enough to tell good and bad and to ask for prayers as well as pray for their needs. I love starting and ending my day with the blogs!

Margaret said...

Posting for me is a way of expressing myself and sharing my thoughtsand crafty things with people of the same mind. Family is not quite like that , for them "it's what you do " ie taken for granted. In blogland readers look, enjoy and gather inspiration. Thanks for your writing today.

Snooty Primadona said...

OMIGOSH! I had to laugh when I saw the title of your post because mine is the same today.

I mainly blog because my blog buddies seem to be way nicer than my real life friends, LOL! Isn't that sad?

Rae said...

I started blogging to write my thoughts out for myself mostly. Now I blog to reach out to other bloggers I have met and to keep in touch with them.
I really like your new background. It is pretty and adds a nice touch.

DJan said...

For me, it's a connection to the larger world, and I choose people who would be my friends if we lived close to each other. And we all have such different flavors to our lives; your life enriches mine. I gain a certain sense of peace from your posts, especially the beautiful space in the universe that is your home.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Nina, this is a beautifully written post. For us, we fell in love with all the blogs that we read and was in awe of all the talent and beauty they shared with the world. We decided we'd like to be a part of it, not knowing whether we'd have very much to offer or not. It's been one of the most rewarding experiences we've ever had. Hard to believe that we've now been doing it for nearly two years. The women in this world who blog are some of the sweetest, kindest, most talented women! I feel so fortunate to have so many friends all over the world now. What a wonderful outlet for our creativity. It's an extraordinary time that we live in that we can share with so many others inspiration, hope and encouragement. Whatever we call it, I'm happy to be part of it. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

blushing rose said...

Meeting new friends & reading different life experiences, whether personal, educational, historical, decorating or just fun ... what a joy to chat away every day. Even more enjoyable is when you get to personally meet up with these people we become friendly with.

Have a lovely day. Come enter our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY, if you haven't. TTFN ~ Marydon

Valerie said...

So many questions, Nina, and so many answers. I like to write, and to make worldwide friends, and there's a little bit of showing off involved with a need to know if people like my stories. I suppose I'm after the critique on the writing front. This was an interesting post. It made me stop and think. Thank you for that.

SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Nina, an interesting post. For me it is a way to express my artistic side, much the same as with your beautiful creations. My photos will more than like never grace the pages of a magazine but I can publish them here.

Housewife Savant said...

I blog for the money.

Wait. I don't get paid.


HoosierGirl said...

Loved your post! I am fairly new to the world of blogging and was so gung-ho but finding it more of a form of therapy:D
After checking out your blog, I feel more motivated.

Great photos as well!


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