Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grandkids R Us

I have to make this quick because it's getting past my allotted blogging time and besides, I'm tired.  I'll give a real quick overview, mostly for my own benefit, so I don't forget what's been going on all week in my life.  Then I'll get back with more in depth coverage and details when I have more time.
Saturday - had a great day.  My Bob and I went to the last flea market of the season.  Got tea cups  for making my pin cushions.  See my other blog for details on this that I'll be posting hopefully tomorrow.
Sunday, Austin and the boys came over for lunch.  Sunday night, Logan started with a bad cough at home, was up all night, which meant the whole house was up all night, and Melissa took him to the emergency room Monday morning because he couldn't seem to catch his breath. 
Monday morning at 7:00, Austin called and woke us up to ask if I could come and pick up Landen after explaining about Logan.  Austin had to get to work.  Of course I ran (drove)right in (5 miles away) and Landen stayed with us until Tuesday morning when Bob took him to pre-school.  We didn't take him to school yesterday.  He's only 3, no harm done.
Logan seems to be having some asthma problems and his oxygen levels won't stay up.  He finally went home this afternoon with an antibiotic, breathing treatment equipment and a steroid prescription.  My son, Brandon, had these same issues when he was a little boy.
Then today at 2:00, Dee, other DIL, and Baby Riley finally got into town from Spokane.  Dee came back home for a wedding that she's in.  They'll be in town for a week and a half, but she has so many people to see and places to go that I'm afraid I won't see Riley very much.  I could just hold her and stare at her non-stop.  She's so cute, and so chubby.  She looks so different and it's only been two months since they moved and since I've seen her.  Still no hair, but the peach fuzz is strawberry blond and her eyes are still bright blue.  I'll get pictures up tomorrow, hopefully. 
I'm sure there's more that went on this week, but I can't think right now .  I'm going to go upstairs and either make a pincushion or knit.  Check my other site and Etsy for updates on this.
I also want to thank everyone for comments that you've left me.  I've been so busy I haven't had time to check my comments or read other blogs.  I apologize.  I hope to catch up soon. 


Theresa said...

Hope your Grandson gets all better and that you get to see the baby more often:) Have a blessed day!

Rae said...

The tea cup pin cushion is a great idea. I am going to check it out.

DJan said...

isn't it amazing how quickly babies change? You are actually pretty amazing yourself to have time to do all that you do. The only person you don't cut any slack is... you. That said, where are those pictures?? (Just kidding, relax!)

Grandma J said...

Nina, you are the busiest Grandma in the whole world! Poor Logan, I know what you guys are going through, my son was always in the ER as a kid with asthma. He's 42 and still hasn't outgrown it.

Cottage Rose said...

Wow you have had a busy couple of days... I hope Logan is doing better.. that can be so scary.. I love your pin cushion tea cups they are just so pretty.. hope the rest of the week is better... I know how you feel about not being able to spend time with family,, we moved out of state a couple of months ago,, and my family are all back in Ind.. I really miss them alot.. so I hope you can spend as much time as you can with her...



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