Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feeling Bad About a Good Day

The day went well with the grandsons yesterday, I thought.  They are always so excited when I or we (My Bob and I) pick them up from pre-school.  Yesterday Bob and I went together so that we could stop at Lowe's and measure that fireplace.  Bob thinks it will fit into Dad's Jeep Cherokee.  Haven't had the time yet to go back and get it. 
So on the drive back home we discussed lunch ideas with the boys and decided on peanut butter and jelly for Landen and scrambled eggs for Logan with jello and fruit for both. 
As promised, Bob helped build the tinker toy airplanes.

 Then since they ate a very good lunch we baked our chocolate chip cookies with halloween sprinkles.

We had so much fun and I let them eat two each. 

They played with their new airplanes for about the next hour or so before their Mom came to pick them up about 5:00.  They showed her their airplanes and we packed up some cookies to take home.
I thought the day went very well.  Then DIL called me from her cell phone on her way home and asked if they took a nap.  I told her they didn't because we were busy and having fun and honestly I didn't even think about it.  They didn't seem tired to me.  Well, Landen fell asleep in her car on the 15 minute ride home and she was upset because he should have had a nap and now he was going to be cranky the rest of the evening and probably wouldn't go to bed very well at bedtime. 
Well I'm sorry.  I feel bad, but I was also upset.  Didn't tell her that.  I just said I would be sure they had naps the next time.  For crying out loud! 
I don't know why this upset me so bad, but it did.  My Bob was mad, too, because the boys had a great time with us and vice versa, but he tried to calm me down and told me it was no big deal.  I knowwwww - BUT!!!
I have the boys Thursday this week and Monday next week and then DIL is done working. 
We'll see how that goes!


kimmcl said...

I don't blame you for being upset Nina. You set your whole day aside for your Grandchildren and your DIL's reaction was definitely a slap in the face. Let's hope she just had a bad day at work. The good news is, those boys looked like they were having a ball and that's all that really matters! Keep being the wonderful grandparents you are and those boys will grow up to have wonderful memories of being at your home.

Rae said...

Geez. Your DIL needs to take a chill pill. For heaven's sake the kids were having a great time with their grandparents. You are providing a loving safe place for them and happy memories as well. She should be happy for that. You did a good job grandma. Don't worry about it. The kids are gonna think you are the best granny around and you had a good time too. That is all that matters. A nap is not a priority!!!

Lily said...

My advice? In one ear and out the other. Smile and nod.

I've gotten the same thing from my daughter at times. Sorry your kid's cranky. We had fun! It's not like you've screwed up their lives. You did what grammas do. Now forget about it.

And, if it happens again, smile and nod.

Theresa said...

From one Grandmother to another... remember how happy those boys were and it makes it all OK. When the grandchildren are happy, everybody is happy... well maybe ALMOST everybody:) You didn't do anything wrong! Have a blessed day!

Cathy said...

Hello Nina
Such a shame a lovely heppy day like that was 'ruined'
It shouldn't have beeen but sometimes it comes with the job of child minding - experiencing those mixed emotions is not pleasant - and all because no clear instructions were left with the sitter.
'Cose its your DIL its even more important to have those things down in writing - saves lots of the heartache you are feeling. Don't ask me how I know these things - just do from (family) experience
Take care

charmine. said...

Hi Nina! long time no blog chat.Thanks for your good wishes and I enjoyed your story till the last part.
DIL is fussy I guess,it really is no big deal.Guess she was thinking of napping but felt she won't be able to and got all worked up.Enjoy your day...I'll be back soon.

Annette said...

Awww...don't feel bad. Maybe DIL had a bad day and SHE was the one who would be cranky! Parents should learn that it's ok to stray from the routine once in a while...that it's not the end of the world. But then there are many things I didn't know as a young mother that I now know as a grandmother!

Housewife Savant said...

This had to make you put teeth marks in your tongue.
I loathe your DIL and don't even know her.
Want me to write her a mean letter? I'd use my best wordsmithery and lots of asterisked phrases.

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Nina; I know how you feel,, my Daughter's are like that too, even my Son.... I don't blame you for not giving them a nap, you all were having such a great time,, I love the photos.. When kids reach a certain age I don't think they need naps.... as for me yes I do need a nap...lol I hope your next too visits go better...


Julie said...

Your grandchildren are darling and it looks like they had a wonderful time. How fun. I'm waiting for grandchildren now that my kids are starting to get married. I can't wait! I love your blog and just started following it tonight!

Grandma J said...

Aren't they adorable! Just shine on your DIL and enjoy those boys. Parents have a way of getting in the way of grandma type fun, don't they?


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