Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun in the Sun

It is hot!! But I'm not complaining!  I promised that in the midst of ice and snow and below freezing temperatures last winter, I would not complain when the heat came in the summer. Here we are and I am true to my word.
Little Miss Leanna is visiting for a few days while her Mommy is a week in Pittsburgh for her annual Air Force Reserve training.

She has a good time with Grampy Bobby doing things she wouldn't be allowed to do at home or with Mommy around!

She hates when Grammy Nina puts those darn cute clips in her unruly hair!

Ready to walk any day!

 She's finally taking a nap, so I'm going to try to catch up a little.  I know my blogging has really gotten behind this summer.  This summer seems especially full for us.  I barely have time to write anything and my enjoyable blog reading has really suffered.  A person can only do so much!

Last Saturday, July 2nd, we had our annual 4th of July party.  It was a beautiful day, as most of our summer has been, we had a great attendance of friends and family and plenty of good food.  

My brother in law, John, on the left, was designated grill cook.  He did a great job!  John and his wife, my sister in law Debbie, came from Cincinnati, as did my brother, Chuck, and his wife, Jill.  This is my cousin Fred on the right.  Two days after our party, Fred and my cousin Susie, his wife, became first time grandparents of twin boys!

cousins Frank and Betty

l-r: son Austin, cousin Fred, cousin Steve, DIL Melissa, cousin Betty

Cousin Mark with my brother's dog, Frankie

Look behind Mark in the above picture to the bank on the other side of the lake.  That is where the fireworks were set off that evening.  We have a beautiful front row seat to the fireworks show right in front of us!  

My good friend, Paula, along with her daughter, Marielle, and Marielle's newly adopted twin daughters from Africa.

It was also Leanna's first birthday on June 28, so we celebrated while we had the gathering of friends and family.  I got her a Tinkerbell cake because she sort of got nicknamed "tinks" when she was a very young baby due to the odor that such a cute little thing could put out!

She thoroughly enjoyed her first birthday cake!

And was very happy to share with Big GG (Great Grandpa, my dad)

This post for today is done and she's still sleeping!  It felt good to sit for a while and write in quiet!  Maybe I can even get another load of clothes folded if I hurry up!


Theresa said...

What a precious little one to keep her Grammy busy:) Looks like you have had a wonderful time with family at the 4th of July party and the birthday party!

Big hugs and much love! HUGS!

DJan said...

Great pictures! Little Leanna is probably walking by now, since it was imminent. You always wonder why you were in such a hurry to have them walking as you chase after them. :-)

Sharon said...

It feels like 108, I will complain, this is plum awful and it feels like the neverendingstory.

Leanna is a sweet little girl! I bet her Mommy misses her! When she goes home, the house will be so empty.

Have a nice evening!

Grandma J said...

Oh your granddaughter is so beautiful and precious. I love how you are spoiling her rotten and having fun doing it. That's your job!!! Enjoy!!

Valerie said...

Leanna is adorable, Nina. I love the family photographs. Don't worry about not blogging so much. Life is there to be enjoyed and anyway when you do blog it's well worth the wait. Hugs from me.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh Grammy Nina, do keep putting cute bows in her hair!!!!!!! Oh please, get her used to it!!!!! Love, love, love bows in little girls hair.

Lovely time was had by all, I can see.

What a lovely area, your home is situated on!


Aunt Amelia said...

Hi! Thank you for making it over to my WordPress blog. :-)

Still trying to figure out your question of "how follow my Wordpress blog?" You mentioned clicking some box, on the bottom of where you commented...... I think my WP friend said something like that, but I'm hazy on this still.

If it worked, please tell me! :-) I mean if you discovered the "secret" of being able to easily find my posts...

Now to see if I can easily comment on your blog, now. Some Blogger blogs have their comment box set, so it is simmmmmmmmmple. And some Blogger blogs have their comment box set up, so it is difffffffficult for me.

Will seeeeeeeeeeee.... :-)


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