Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Party and Be Happy!

Just a quick update.  I know I've been MIA lately.  This will have to be a quick short one, though.  I'm getting ready and packing to leave in the morning for Cincinnati for my 35th class reunion.  I'm most excited to meet up with my best friend that now lives in California.  She's flying in to Cincinnati tomorrow and we'll be staying 3 nights in a hotel suite and I can't wait to see her and catch up.
My mother is going with me so that I'm not driving the 6 hour drive alone.  She'll stay with my brother for a night and then with an old friend for two nights.  This should be a fun getaway.  It's just so much work to make the preparations to get going.  Thanks to a very good friend of mine, I have jewelry and shoes all ready to go with the new dress I bought.  I got my hair trimmed and color touched up today.  Got eyebrows and lip waxed.  Got some new make-up and a pedicure.  Pictures will come later, I promise.  I'm thinking right about now that this might be the last reunion I go to.  It's a lot of work to get fixed up!  It does make you feel pretty good, though.
Last Saturday we attended a beautiful wedding out in the woods of Pennsylvania at an Art School/Gallery.  Sounds a little strange, I know.  We thought so at first, too.  But it was an outside wedding in these beautiful gardens and a gazebo and the weather was absolutely perfect!  Here are some pictures

The groom is a very good friend of Austin, my oldest son.  His mother is the same very good friend of mine that helped me with shoes and jewelry.

Here's Hubby and I during the outdoor reception.  We were all dressed up and lookin' good and the setting was beautiful and I'm so sorry the picture came out blurry!

I'll be back home on Monday evening from my girl's getaway/reunion and then on Thursday I have family starting to arrive to my house for a big 4th of July party that we're having here on next Saturday.
I was starting to get a little overwhelmed and nervous the other day trying to get ready for all of this, and then I talked to myself and reminded me that this was all good stuff.  Just breath, relax, and enjoy the good life.  My self lecture worked and I woke up yesterday morning feeling renewed and energetic and sat with my early morning coffee and watched my birds.

I'll be in touch next week, with pictures and a reunion report, as soon as I get a chance!


Valerie said...

'This will have to be a quick short one, though' It's a great post and the picture of you is fantastic. I love the wedding pictures too. I'm hoping you're having a great time.

Theresa said...

OH my friend, you made me tired first thing this morning:) I know you will have the BEST time with your Mom and at the Reunion! I can't wait to see the pictures, you will surely look the youngest! Have a blessed day and take a minute to rest!


DJan said...

I look forward to the pictures, Nina, and you sure do look beautiful in that picture, even if it IS a little blurry. Have fun!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Have a lovely time!

But *Watch Your Back*! I doubt any other gals in your class, will look as totally-smashing-and-hot as you do! And they won't be happy for you, 'cause it's just human nature.


See, I'm very pragmatic and go on common sense.

*Watch Your Back*! ,-)

Gentle hugs,

Grandma J said...

What a nice opportunity for you and your mom to have a getaway together with different objectives.

You will look smashing, Nina! Have fun and don't sweat the small stuff!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What a grand spot for a wedding!
Have a great time on your reunion and enjoy your big July 4th bash!!

Come by and visit if you have a chance!



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